To What Extent Did The Confederation Become A Compromise

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Did the confederation become a compromise among the colonies? All the colonies faced challenges before joining the confederation. This essay will be explaining the compromises made among the colonies after joining confederation in the 1860s. It will prove that colonies gained and loosed a lot by considering the social, political and economic challenges that existed before the joining the confederation, and compromise that colonies reached to join the confederation to form a new country called Canada.
The Province of Canada had the most population and was later formed into the provinces of Quebec and Ontario. Also, the province of Canada didn’t have a good situation because French and English speaking population had different ideas about how …show more content…

However, the relation became worse when Britain decided to support the South in the American Civil War. (p 105)As the result Americans wanted to take all land, which is now Canada. Moreover, Britain didn’t want to have to pay the cost of defending its colonies. So, the United States could attack Canada, but as all colonies were separate, they were afraid of the destruction. That is why; joining the Confederation would help and strengthen the military defense of colonies. Also, the Confederation would allow Canada to achieve the independence, build the Intercolonial Railway, which could allow a military support and have a defense strategy. A union would provide a better defense for Nova Scotia in case of American attack.(p 110) As a united Canada, all provinces are stronger in the military way and also more independent from other countries. All colonies were feeling pressure from United States, because of the some reasons like American Civil War, Fenian raids and Manifest Destiny. Fenian Brotherhood, a group of Irish Americans, was putting a pressure on Britain to grant independence to

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