Transcendentalism In Into The Wild

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Chris McCandless, Jon Krakauer, and Henry David Thoreau express transcendentalism. They express it by living in the wild. Both Into the Wild and Walden show similar beliefs. Both authors express beliefs of individualism, self-wisdom, and nature. Krakauer’s Into the Wild and Thoreau’s Walden expresses beliefs that respect cannot be bought, simplicity, and mind your own business. Chris McCandless does not believe that resect can be bought. In Into the Wild McCandless says “… they will think they have bought my respect” (Krakauer 21).He wants to have a good friendship with real respect, so he is careful about what he accepts. He doesn’t need to accept anything to big or cost full because they might feel they bought his respect. Thoreau says “ruined by luxury and needless expense” (Walden). This quote relates to McCandless beliefs that respect cannot be bought. If they spend a lot of money they will think he respects them for the money they spent. Not letting money het in the way of a good friendship and not letting luxury ruin your friendship can be a good step to becoming a transcendentalist. Another connection between McCandless and Walden beliefs is simplicity. …show more content…

In Into the wild Krakauer says “… still Gallien was concerned. Alex admitted that the only food in his pack was a ten pound bag of rice” (Krakauer 5). He doesn’t need fancy food or gear he is just simplifying what he needs. Thoreau says “simplify, simplify instead of three meals a day if necessary eat one…” (Walden). This relates to Chris through him not carrying nothing but a ten pound bag or rice to eat. Simplicity is a good step to becoming a transcendentalist as you can see in both selections. Another connection between Walden and Into the Wild is minding your own

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