Two Girls In A Garden Analysis

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Two Sisters by Renoir, and Two Girls in a Garden by Schmidt-Rottluff
Pierre-Auguste Renoir, painted Two Sisters (On the Terrace) in 1881. Renoir was as Impressionist, who applied pure colored rather than using limited palette and used to paint in outdoor. Karl Schmidt-Rottluff created Two Girls in a Garden in 1914. He wanted to express his emotional experience rather than Impressions of the external world. He often used swirling, and exaggeratedly executed brushstrokes to convey his inner emotions rather than a depicting object at the outdoor. Same subject matter to draw two female figures, yet they revealed opposite characteristics and techniques on their canvas, and the paintings contrast in these ways such as color, brushwork, and space. …show more content…

However, he uses more than just those two colors for the girls such as light-blue, light-pink, and yellow. That Renoir 's use of primary colors for the girls ' clothing makes these figures stand out in the painting. In Two Sisters, Renoir uses both cool and warm colors for painting outlines of the figures as an Impressionist. In the painting, there is a light source from the upper left side, so Renoir illustrates the painting with pastel colors to make darker at top to bottom of the paint. Furthermore, Renoir added the vivid colors make the objects in this painting stand out for the viewer to using primary color as blue, yellow, and red. Lots of warm colors such as light-orange, light-pink and light-blue in the background creates a comfortable atmosphere to show two females naturalistic, and connected background as uses realistic color, but makes lighter than two females figures at the front to support them to pops up. On the other hand, Two Girls in a Garden by Schmidt-Rottluff to give more richness in colors, but he does not mix any other colors to make shadows, or silhouettes as Renoir. So, in that sense, the female figures in a garden look 2-D. He painted to his piece with strong primary color, such as blue, red, and green. Even he has a limited palette of colors, he creates thick black outlines black thick outlines of the two female figures. Renoir and Schmidt-Rottluff 's ability of using colors makes Renoir 's piece naturalistic, but also Schmidt-Rottluff creates

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