Uncle Tom's Cabin Essay

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"Uncle Tom's Cabin" describes the experience of Tom, the slave, sold to different slave owners and have a panoramic description of the Southern slavery and their slavery life. As a political system, slavery not only hurts the black slaves but also the white people who has the sense of justice.

Born in a devout Christian family in Connecticut, because of the influence of Christianity, Miss Stowe believe that all people are born equal and have the rights of freedom, and she became an active abolitionist later when she teaches in the Hartford College. In 1850, the United States adopted the second "Slaughter of Slavery Law", which would set the action of helping slavery to escape illegal and would be punished by jail and fines; the white policeman would also be fined for not …show more content…

They often depicted as kind-hearted mothers, wives and guiding the whole book’s moral lights. Nonetheless, Uncle Tom was an exception and like the female, he acts the role of moral guide like sacrifice himself to help rescue Mr. and Mrs. George. Stowe shaping Tom's honest, trustworthy, and keeping himself in place which leads to his unchanged ending of death. Mrs. Stowe's first intention was to shape Tom as a "noble hero" and a person who is worthy of praise. In the whole work, Tom not only endured the pain of exploitation, but also adhere to his own beliefs, even his enemies have to respect him at last. By analyzing the experience of Uncle Tom from a religious point of view, it can be seen that to abolish the slavery, the Christianity’s power is limited. One of the basic Christian message was to sacrifice yourself and give love not only to yourself but also to the people around you. Tom was typical of this spirit, he would rather go to the South in order not to let the owner go bankrupt, and to avoid the fate of others to be sold. Every character in the novel was pictured as unique after Miss Stowe’s

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