Analysis Of Undemocratic Practices: Gender Analysis

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TITLE: Analysis of Undemocratic Practices: Gender Biases


Throughout the years, gender biases have been one of the most primordial issues in every countries. Although today, different countries have made steps to stop the discrimination between genders through making laws, improving women's right, etc. Gender biases, also refer to as gender discrimination, are not only seen in politics, culture or tradition, but it can also be seen in schools.

Most studies show that, on average, girls do better in school than boys. Girls get higher grades and complete high school at a higher rate compared to boys (Jacobs, 2002).

The main topic of this study is about women learn better in academic settings than men. The purpose of this …show more content…

She suggests that girls tend to be more mastery-oriented in schoolworks than boys. Girls are more capable of planning ahead, set academic goals and put more effort in achieving their goals. Based on the study, girls are more likely to feel essentially satisfied with their performance and how they organize their work. Girls are also more invested in giving their efforts to every tasks to impress themselves and their teachers.

2. Why do women get better grades than men do?

According to (Gnaulati, 2014), Across the globe, girls earn higher grades than boys in all grade levels and academic subjects. This is based in a recent study by psychology professors, Daniel and Susan Voyer of University of Brunswick. The academic grades of over one million boys and girls from 30 different nations were involved in a 369 studies. The results on a meta-analysis were vigorous: Girls earn higher grades than boys in all grade levels and academic subjects including the fields where boys outperform them. One of the example is the science-related field.

The study by The Voyers proves that women earn higher grades than men in different academic subject by their study that they made. Thus, it also proves that women learn better in academic settings or school than men based on getting higher grades than men in academic …show more content…

Based on their study, boys significantly score better in Mathematics than girls while in science, both gender are approximately equal. But for those students who struggles in studying, there are differences. According to them, 50 percent of boys are more likely to fail in all three areas than girls.

3. Why are women perform better in school than men?

According to (The Economist, 2015), young women read more than men. The basis of learning is built in reading proficiency. Reading proficiency is the ability to construct a meaning out of a text. Researchers suggest that when young men do not do well at reading, their performance in other academic subjects are affected since reading proficiency is the basis of learning.

Reading proficiency helps in different aspects of learning. When an individual reads, they can get a meaning through what they have read and it can be used in their daily lives. It not only helps in academic but also in real

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