Unit 8 Lab: Photoelectric Effect Created By Young Su Kang

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Unit 8 LAB- Photoelectric Effect Created by Young Su Kang
• Google PhET Simulation- photoelectric effect
• Electron volt– a unit of energy that is equal to the energy of an electron that is accelerated by a potential difference of 1 volt
• Frequency- the number of times something happens in a given period of time
• Intensity- a measure of how much energy passes through a region in a given time
• Photoelectric effect- the emission of electrons from the surface of a material when struck by electromagnetic radiation
• Photon- the smallest possible amount of light; a quantum of light.
• Voltage- a measure of the strength of an electrical field.
• Wavelength- the distance between consecutive crests or troughs of a wave
• Work function- the minimum energy required to remove an electron from a solid …show more content…

Among Sodium, Zinc, Copper, Platinum, and Calcium, which element do you think is the hardest to extract electrons from? Explain.

2. Predict whether wavelength of a wave would play a role in the energy of the emitted electrons.

1. Observe and describe the effect of different wavelengths on speed of electrons emitted.

2. Observe and describe the effect of different levels of intensity on number of electrons emitted.

3. Select different elements of sodium, zinc, copper, platinum, and calcium. Does the type of element affect what you have answered in question 1 and 2? Explain.

4. Set the intensity to 100% and voltage to 0.00V. In the visible spectrum of light, what colors allow electrons to reach the end? (Experiment with different colors of light in the

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