Vengeance In Elie Wiesel's 'And Night'

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The themes of violence and revenge are common in both Elie Wiesel's “Night" and William Shakespeare's "Macbeth". Despite being different in their settings and contexts, these two literary works share similarities in these themes

In "Night", violence takes place when Wiesel recounts the horrors he witnessed during the Holocaust. The Nazi regime's oppression, dehumanization, and mass extermination of Jews create an atmosphere that shows brutality and despair. The concentration camps, the harsh treatments, and the loss of life demonstrate the destructive nature of violence.

Similarly, in "Macbeth", violence is pervasive as characters engage in ruthless acts to achieve and maintain power. Macbeth's initial murder of King Duncan showcases a series …show more content…

In "Night," the Nazis seek revenge against the Jewish population, blaming them for their perceived societal grievances. This desire for vengeance manifests in the widespread persecution and genocide of innocent individuals solely based on their heritage. The victims, in turn, struggle to maintain their humanity amidst the brutality, with some succumbing to revenge as a means of survival.

In "Macbeth," revenge is also a central theme, as characters seek retribution for real or perceived wrongs. Macbeth's lust for power stems from the witches' prophecy and his own ambition. The murder of King Duncan is a vengeful act driven by Macbeth's desire to seize the throne and secure his position. As the play progresses, Macbeth's paranoia and guilt lead to further acts of violence, driven by a fear of revenge from those he has wronged.

Both "Night" and "Macbeth" delve into the themes of violence and revenge, albeit in vastly different contexts. "Night" exposes the horrifying violence of the Holocaust, highlighting the inhumanity of individuals. "Macbeth" delves into the destructive consequences of unchecked ambition, culminating in a cycle of violence perpetuated by the pursuit of power. Through these works, we are reminded of the devastating impact of violence and revenge on individuals and society as a whole. These themes serve as cautionary reminders of the destructive forces

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