Violence In Macbeth's Guilt

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Darkness can be seen in many literary works with the intention of showing a turn for the worse in many characters lives. In Macbeth by William Shakespeare, Shakespeare displays examples of violence in order to show audience members how Macbeth’s desire for kingship, led to his demise through his guilt. The use of blood, nature and supernatural elements are used as a way of symbolizing Shakespeare's theme of Macbeth’s guilt. Is one man’s desire for nobility worth the cost of others lives? Blood alters the atmosphere throughout Macbeth through the effect it has on the main character. Macbeth becomes a changed man after killing Duncan by “spilling blood” on his good name. Blood symbolizes the guilt that Macbeth feels, which would explain why …show more content…

This further reveals that the appearance of the castle is related to the reality of the emotions felt between the characters actions. Macbeth’s guilt is displayed as dark and violent acts throughout the kingdom. A storm created by the witches is brewing when the play begins. The witches are speaking to one another saying “When shall we three meet again. In thunder, lightning, or in rain? ” This signifies that by the witches telling Macbeth his prophecy in their meeting, and Macbeth therefore killing Duncan, the human world and the natural world were linked to his guilt. They were now associated through the darkness seen in nature, or the witches magical involvement. Some examples of nature revolting due to the unanticipated power shift is that after King Duncan is murdered, nature outside of the castle specifically begins to act “unnatural”. The sky is dark in the middle of the day which represents the way the king's life has been darkened, he has died, and his power taken by Macbeth in a dark manner, murder. When Macbeth’s mind is unnaturally altered because of the witches prophecy, it causes a disruption to the order of all those involved. Macbeth becomes confused in his role in society, so nature's creatures become confused as well. An owl kills a falcon, which is much larger in size and is …show more content…

Supernatural elements can be seen in Macbeth through the witches and their unusual powers. The witches appear to be helpful in giving Macbeth his prophecy, but in reality want only to stir up trouble and cause strife throughout the kingdom. Although Macbeth wants the witches to tell him his prophecy, he is also afraid to act on these newly found predictions for fear of the inevitable guilt he will then have to face. Macbeth states that the witches as "Instruments of darkness" in order to explain to readers that even though the witches appear to be helping Macbeth, in reality they are causing more harm than good and creating evil thoughts within the characters minds. Macbeth’s prophecy began his desire for power, which led to his struggle with guilt. The witches, Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, and other characters seem to act one way, whether it be good or evil, but their intentions are usually impure and meant to harm others in order to benefit themselves. Macbeth’s guilt is caused by the foul play the witches involve themselves in. If not for their prophecy, Macbeth would have never known of his fate and would have gained the kingship without involving murder, leading to his guilty conscious. The use of Supernatural elements is added to the plot of the play in order to show readers what led to Macbeth’s downfall, and what contributed to his guilt. His guilt arose from the

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