Violent Video Games Cause Bad Behavior Essay

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Why Violent Video Game Cause Bad Behavior

Have you ever wondered what violent video game do to our little bitty brains? Violent video gamess cause many mass shootings also violent video games encourage more violence. Lastly it desensitizes people to real life violence. Games like grand theft auto and call of duty. In this essay You will see my Claims on why video games are violent.
My 1st claim on why violent video games are bad is that it disrespects women games allow you to hit women or talk disrespectfully to a woman. you know that kids mimic what they see on television and they could try that on their mothers, sisters, and future girlfriends. Me personally I feel as though kids under a certain age should be restricted from playing those games and parents should not pay for or buy this game for their kids. It Also …show more content…

Children have a hard time knowing what is make believe and what is real they may think that what they see on the games is real and talk about that in school imagine this conversation my big brother shoot such a such kids do not know how to shout their mouth and now the kids will think his brother is murder. Violent video games are not the worse things in the world, but they do leave a bad impression or make people think it’s ok to act the way they do in the video games. Video games may have an indirect effect on violent video games. One story about a 18 year old gunman in Munich, Germany was a fan of these violent video games with shooting at them. Fun fact did you know the military use video games to teach troops how to kill I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want my kids to play a heartless video games that show people in the military to kill that so repulsive to me kids play these types of games that adults in the military play to learn how to kill opponents that is not okay at all that crazy. These video games cause people to have less empathy for others or

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