Was Gilgamesh A Hero

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The Epic of Gilgamesh was a story about a man that was a hero and wanted his youth back from a certain plant that gives, youth back. The ancient Gilgamesh was once thought as a hero in some cases he was. Now people looking at Gilgamesh and seeing if he was truly a hero or some random person posing as a hero or higher power. In this paper I will be talking about who Gilgamesh was as a hero, what he did as a hero, and when he thought he was a hero. Gilgamesh was a king a great king to be thought and he was righteous ruler. Gilgamesh thought he was the best king ever he thought he was the best one that ever lived and he was very powerful. Gilgamesh did he want as a ruler or a hero he got what he want and he got it right away. He was

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