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Sedona Swanner History 1302 Mrs. Hutchins 2/16/16 Reconstruction’s Success, Failure, and Legacy Reconstruction is commonly known as the period of time the that followed the Civil War in hopes of reforming the south. Reconstruction was a time when the effects of the war had to be accounted for, and a time for change to attempt to be administered. During this time the Union had to propose ways to let the southern states back in, due to their secession during and before the war. The south had to deal with tragedies within their economy and homes following the war, and African Americans pressed forward with their fight for equality during this time. Overall reconstruction had only minor points of success and was a failure as a whole,but would …show more content…

Although, the goal of reconstruction was also to reform southern white society and outlooks socially as well as politically, the major success of reconstruction was in mending relations in race. During the beginning of the reconstruction period in eighteen sixty-five, Abraham Lincoln was president and acted with congress to pass the thirteenth amendment which coincided with the effects of the emancipation proclamation. Passed in eighteen sixty-five, the thirteenth amendment officially and formally abolished slavery. This alone was one of the largest successes in reconstruction. The passing of the thirteenth amendment was the start for equality for African Americans. Following the thirteenth amendment, the fourteenth and fifteenth amendments were passed which granted citizenship to all native born males, and also granted the right to vote, commonly referred to as suffrage, to all African American citizens of this time. The passing of each of these amendments made progressive steps forward in equalizing relations between race. Although many southerners still held hostile outlooks or perceptions of African Americans or other races at this time, African Americans could now participate in elections, and work a live freely in society. These amendments were the primary factors of success for reconstruction in that they formally and officially established some …show more content…

The primary goal for the reconstruction following the war was to bring the southern states back into the union in a semi-compromising way that would settle the issues that had once fueled the Civil War. The once hopeful and good intentions soon proved to fall short of expectations. With the push for equality among African Americans and the passing of the amendments, came retaliation from southerns and other individuals who still held racist views. Things such as the black codes were passed in the southern states with the intentions of limiting freedoms for African Americans, and forcing them to take jobs of lower quality and pay. Along with this persecution, further segregation became common in retaliation to acts of the north. Schools became places of segregation as well as other public places. The efforts of reconstruction to improve the south economically also failed to achieve any major goals. Newly freed African Americans came to find that they would not receive the land that was once promised to them, and instead would be forced to find a job in an economy still heavily focused on racial superiority. Due to the failures in attempts to restore the economy, and retaliations such as the black codes and groups such as the KKK, who fought against African American equality, the reconstruction era

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