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h 2017 Douglass’ Bold Characteristics in the Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass In the Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, Frederick Douglass gives a passionate account of his life as a slave. Douglass illustrates personal growth through his courage, intelligence, and racial pride. He is courageous when he stands up for himself against Covey. Douglass displays his intelligence when he tricks the young boys on the street into teaching him short words. Lastly, he demonstrates a strong sense of racial pride by running a secret school for slaves. Ultimately, these characteristics are what drive Douglass to make his daring escape from slavery. Douglass reveals his courageousness when he daringly fights Mr. Covey. He is sent to Mr. Covey, a slave breaker, who treats Douglass poorly. Douglass …show more content…

Mrs. Auld kindly teaches Douglass the alphabet, but ceases to instruct him once Master Hugh discovers her wrongdoing. In order for Douglass to continue learning, he had to improvise. He says, “I would tell him I could write as well as he. The next word would be, ‘I don’t believe you. Let me see you try it.’ I would make the letters which I had been so fortunate as to learn, and ask him to beat that. In this way I got a good many lessons in writing” (Douglass 57). The boys on the street could not believe a slave could write, therefore, they would challenge Douglass. Leon Litwack discusses Douglass’ desire to learn and teach others: In doing so, Douglass converts the boys on the streets into teachers, and learns many words. Notwithstanding the elaborate precautions and legislation, some slaves and larger numbers of freeborn blacks managed to acquire a smattering of education, whether in clandestine schools, in the several schools for the freeborn tolerated in certain communities, or because of the indulgence of a member of the master’s family. (Litwack

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