How Has Child Labor Affected After The Industrial Revolution

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The Industrial Revolution was a time where everything moved from handmade, distinctive items to ordinary items being made from machines inside of factories. This movement was due to many factors, including population growth, improved methods of transportation, and financial innovations. Population growth led to increased demands on products and the handmade way of producing these items just wasn’t fast enough for the growing demand. Financial innovations included more banks being built and with this the people were urged to take bigger risks. The improved methods of transportation allowed businesses to reach, communicate, and trade with other businesses and companies worldwide and transport their good to customers all over the nation.

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I still have all the diseases I developed months ago and still leave and return to this dreadful place looking fatigued and ill. A few of the other children have had some serious injuries while working here. A boy that I worked with lost his arm while working with a machine that was too big and complicated for him to handle. Another child, who I didn’t know, lost multiple fingers and a toe while working with another machine. I have heard talk of passing an act that will put an end to this kind of child labor. I don’t know who is coming up with this idea or what all it will do for us children, but I hope it all comes together soon. All the income that I’ve earned while working is going towards my family, since they need it the most. Supporting families is the main reason why everyone here keeps working like they are doing. Children especially are treated so cruel and harsh, some with physical punishments like beatings, but as long as we keep the image of being out of work soon with the passing of this new act, we have the motivation to keep our heads up and keep

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