What Does The Color Green Symbolize In The Great Gatsby

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Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby”, has a considerable amount of symbolism throughout the entire book. The symbols in the book intensify the main development of the characters in the story, create a well-structured plot, and provide the reader with endless themes. Every time Gatsby stares across the water, he can’t help but notice and admire the luminous flash of green light from Daisy’s dock. With each flash reminding him of the slim, yet joyous memories that he had with daisy five years ago. When we notice the color green, we think “to go”. In the book, the green light is telling Gatsby to go and reach for what he wishes to receive. This being Daisy, giving Gatsby hope for a second chance to complete happiness. The color green is also a major …show more content…

This fits perfectly into the theme of burning embers, and exemplifies George Wilson. In which he lives among the dirty ashes, losing his vitality as a result. The “Valley of Ashes”, where smut settles, and dreams come to die. The area is made up of the lower class who work in factories and reside in the dilapidated housing nearby.
The weather is another good example of symbolism throughout this book. The weather often matches the mood of the specific event. Before Gatsby and Daisy reconnect with one another, it was raining. After their relationship was soon revitalized catching up again, the soon came out. At the peak of reconnecting with each other, Gatsby tells Daisy it wasn’t enough that she loved him, he also wanted to hear that she never loved her husband or anyone else besides him. During this period the weather was scalding hot, along with painful tension between Gatsby and Daisy. After Gatsby dies, he is shipped back to his fathers in the Midwest to be buried at home. The weather matches the setting and situation with rain and clouds, giving off a dismal feeling in the

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