What Is King's Argument In Letter From Birmingham Jail

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Letter from Birmingham Jail When injustice occurs what will you do? Will you stand idly by and do nothing, or will you be like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Who wrote “Letter from Birmingham Jail” who argued that what was going on in the Southern States was wrong that the White Clergymen were the ones at wrong here. King’s argument begins with him writing back to the clergymen who sent him “The Public Statement” who have criticized the demonstrations King was leading in Birmingham. They told King that he should wait until racial injustice was taken care of, that he was an outsider who had no right to be there, and his actions were causing violence. King had a right to argue for black rights but this was overlooked by the white clergymen. King’s arguments were more valid than anything the clergymen could possibly think of. King uses the rhetorical device of anology which argues against charges the …show more content…

First of all, King used anologies to make his point. The clergymen call him an extremist, but he lists many respected people to counteract that comment. Like God “The others Jesus Christ, was an extremist for love, truth, and goddess and thereby, rose above his environment.” King includes this piece since the Clergymen are very religious people and they, too, follow God t . King uses this to too compare himself with god which was also a so called “extremist” which might all too make the Clergymen rethink what they just did and questions themselves of who is the real extremist and if King is truly right. As a matter of fact, King also brings this piece of anology of the issue of what is legal and what is not legal here he states a piece of history that we should not forget “We should never forget that everything Adolf Hitler did was ‘Legal’ and everything the Hungarian Freedom Fighters did in Hungary was illegal”. He includes this because the statement shows something in history that is happening how everything

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