What Is The Key Point Of The Book Killer Angels

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Killer Angels
Killer Angels is a historical fiction novel that is about the Battle of Gettysburg. The novel starts out on June 29, 1863 and of course at this time it was the Confederate Army (also known as the Army of Northern Virginia) against the Union Army (also known as the Army of the Potomac) with the bloodiest war ever fought on American soil- the American Civil War. This war leaving more than fifty one thousand troops either dead, wounded, or just missing in action, which were more than likely blown into several pieces are we were unable to identify their bodies at that time. Anyways, ultimately the Union Army ends up winning this battle due to a few key reasons. First off the Union, even they had less troops on the ground, had far …show more content…

Secondly and in my opinion what lead to the demise of the Confederate Army, was the fact that General Lee wanted to smash through the opposing Union force in one quick movement, in other words due to the fact he knew he had the superior numbers of the battlefield he wanted to use a more attrition style warfare against the Union and unfortunately for him and his army, the Union was dug in pretty well and had started an ambush on his far left flack. Another key point is that the fact the confederate army had aimed their artillery far too high thus over shooting where they needed to and when the infantry regiments moved in the smaller but more effective Union artillery was able to do massive damage to the troops on the front lines and greatly decreased their numbers, by the time the confederate army reached they Union army and was within rifle range their numbers were just for too small and even though plenty of blood shed was left on the battlefield from both armies, the Confederate army was forced to retreat from the battle thus ending it and giving the victory to the Union Army but at a …show more content…

Starting with the basic conduct of traditional style warfare, even though todays battlefield in the middle East is much more of a non-traditional warfare, as tensions rise in areas such North Korea and other countries with a “uniformed military” that we would be fighting, we would take on a much more traditional style of warfare. I would also like to note this novel does a great job of displaying great characteristics of what it takes to be a great leader, such as when Longstreet agrees to attack the Unions flank. He does this because he knows it could shift the battlefield in their favor and will push the enemy in a position where they can bombard the enemy with their artillery fire. However is says it reluctantly due the fact that he knows how reinforced the flanks are and knows he will take heavy loses whether he is successful or not but none the less he agrees and is successful! This novel also does a great job showing how officers are able to carry out the orders that are placed over them by their superiors and they support their superiors on the battlefield thus increasing that unit cohesion we as marines always talk about also. This allows each individual regiment to have a more “fluid” movement across the battlefield whether its assaulting the enemy position digging in or breaking contact and retreating

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