What Tests Did Gilgamesh Face Throughout His Life

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1. What is the relationship between human beings and their deities?
Because people believe in gods, and goddess, loyalty, and trust were the relationship between them and human beings. Humans and gods are intertwined with each other, been the gods connected with physical places and people.
2. How is Gilgamesh linked with the world of nature and animals?
Gilgamesh is linked with world of nature and animals because him and his close friend Enkidu, both had a wild heart, and a bestial way of behaving. Also, I think Gilgamesh’s best friend is like a link describing nature.
3. What is the meaning of friendship, family, and public duty?
Friendship and family are the interpretation between Gilgamesh and Enkidu. They helped each other. In the first …show more content…

What caused Gilgamesh live to want immortality?
He wanted that everyone never forgets his name after he died. So, keeps his memories alive was the perfect excuse in his searching for the immortality. Also, when he lost his close friend, this pain gave him more reasons in finding the secret of immortality.
5. What tests did Gilgamesh face throughout his life? Gilgamesh faces many tests throughout his life in his fight to achieve his principal goal that was immortality. He fails in many of them, he cannot save his friend for the death, he could not keep awake for seven days, he didn’t keep the plant that renewed the young, but in the end, he learned to be a good king, and help his people.
6. How does this epic inform the reader about ancient history?
This epic informs the reader about the connection between ancient population and his gods/ goddess. Inform also how loyal were the people to them, and how kings, gods, and citizens …show more content…

There are a few of chapters that have same or some very similar themes than the epic. For example, the character of Endiku, created by a god with the propose of controlled Gilgamesh who will be later his close friend, and Adan, created by another god. Both characters were separated from their nature after women given them sex, food, and drunk. Animals rejected them after that. The Noah’s ark in The Bible is also another episode are parallel to the story of great flood in this epic.
8. How does Gilgamesh attempt to become immortal? Why is he not successful?
One of the attempted was when he went to the bottom of the sea to finding a magic plant, based that Utnapishtim told him this plan was the power to renewed him in young. However, he didn’t successful because a serpent eaten it; meanwhile, he was bathed in the spring’s water. Beside we tried many times, he never was successful in found out the secret of immortality because only gods can be immortal or attribute it.
9. In what sense does Gilgamesh achieve

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