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She was a sales representative for Kinner airplanes around the Boston area, and wrote articles promoting flying. As she did this in the local newspapers she began to become a celebrity in the Boston area. In 1927, after Charles Lindbergh 's did a solo flight from New York to Paris, people started to give interest for a woman to fly across the Atlantic. I 1928, Earhart had gotten a phone call from Captain Hilton H (Infoplease). He was a pilot, and asked Earhart if she would like to fly across Atlantic. Amelia quickly agreed to this. She than went to New York to have an interview, and to meet with the people in charge of this project. She was going to be the first woman on a transatlantic flight, but only as a passenger. June 17, 1928, Earhart took off, …show more content…

She found a pasture just outside the small village of Culmore, in Londonderry, Northern Ireland, and successfully landed. May 22, 1932, she made an appearance at the Hanworth Airfield in London, where she was receiving warm welcomes from locals. Earhart 's had a 15 hour flight established her as an international hero. She was now the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic. Earhart won many honors, such as the Gold Medal from the National Geographic Society as presented by President Hoover, the Distinguished Flying Cross from the U.S. Congress, and the Cross of the Knight of the Legion of Honor from the French government. Several other notable flights followed for Amelia Earhart, including a solo trip from Honolulu, Hawaii, to Oakland, California. This flight established her as the first woman; as well as the first person to fly both across the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans. In April 1935, Earhart flew solo from Los Angeles to Mexico City, and a month later she flew from Mexico City to New York. Earhart set seven women 's speed and distance aviation records in a variety of aircraft. By 1935, Earhart began to contemplate one last fight that would set her apart for all others. She was declared dead on

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