Why Did The British Adapted To Tax American Colonists

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"Those who want to reap the benefits of this great nation must bear the fatigue of supporting it" (Thomas Paine). This quote relates to the struggles that the British had to endure while finding solutions for their many dilemmas. In order for the British to have full advantage over the colonial nation, they had to overcome these issues. They figured that they could press the American colonists to help share this burden, which would not only be a solution for their problems, but would also increase their power throughout the country. Therefore, the British desired to tax the American colonists due to the financial consequences of the French and Indian war, to demonstrate sovereignty, and for defense against the French. At the time of 1763, the British emerged with massive financial debts as a result of the French and Indian War. An extension of the …show more content…

"The war had revealed that the existing colonies needed defense against Britain’s enemies, and Britain believed that defense was best provided by the fully trained regular army, not just colonial militias" ("Why Britain Attempted to Tax American Colonists."). Therefore, in case of enemy attacks, "the British government stationed 10,000 troops in its territories to control the Native Americans and former French subjects" (Danzer 341). The British government now felt the need to tax the colonists even more than before since this defense was for the colonists' own good and "maintaining troops in North America was an added expense on an already strained British budget" (Danzer 341). The British expressed that the colonists should have part in this financial responsibility and "they should contribute to paying for the cost of continued defense and greater administration of the colonies" ("The French and Indian

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