Why Is John F Kennedy A Good President

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John F. Kennedy was the best president in United States history because he pursued the elimination of poverty and hunger, he influenced the ongoing Cold War, and created social programs to improve education, health care and mass transit.
One reason why Kennedy was a great President was Kennedy's envisioned that by the 1960s we would begin to end world hunger and prevent poverty. Kennedy's belief was the investment in technology would resolve these challenges of hunger and poverty that are left unsolved by previous presidents. President Kennedy first combats these issues of hunger and poverty by addressing the nation’s economy in 1962. "He proposed sweeping income tax cuts, raising the minimum wage" (John F. Kennedy Biography). In May 5, 1962 Kennedy signs The Minimum Wage Bill that were …show more content…

Kennedy pledged if elected to "strengthen American military forces and promised a tough stance against the Soviet Union and international communism" (The Cold War). United States is perceived in 1960’s as to losing the Cold War at this point Sputnik was launched by the Soviets and having a lead winning in the space race, and a missile gap because the Soviet Union was developing long-range missiles. The U-2 accident that occurred in May 1960 the U-2 is a plane it’s a high-altitude surveillance plane and it was shot down by a Soviet missile the Soviet Union has caught the U.S. spying. Cuba offers support and aid to the United States after its revolution and the U.S. refused in turn Cuba goes to the Soviet Union and Fidel Castro comes to power through revolution in 1959 and aligns himself with a communist nation. Kennedy becomes president 1961 and goes forward to builds up the nations' defenses and changing tactics of attack to "flexible response" he wanted to be prepared to drop nuclear weapons but yet also fight conventional wars. Kennedy was briefed on a plan drafted on March 1960, President

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