Louisiana Purchase Term Papers

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The Louisiana Purchase was historic and significant event to the United States because, under President Thomas Jefferson, it basically added tremendous land opportunities to the colonists' farmers and provided property to many buyers. This moment in history was essential because the Jefferson saw it necessary to literally buyout France occupation of the territory. Jefferson knew that his presidency didn't limit his power to make such a huge achievement. "...Jefferson had to abandon his conviction that the federal government was limited to powers specifically mentioned in the Constitution, since the document said nothing about buying territory from a foreign power"(304).

The Louisiana Purchase provided a new chance for total power through land. As President of the United States, Jefferson has a responsibility to provide new opportunities for growth and expand both land and the economy. "...Thomas Jefferson was also a visionary who dreamed of an “empire for liberty” that would stretch across the entire continent"(Bredhoff). This ties into the people having the right to gain the land to the most desired kind. If not for the expansion, the United States could've looked different today. Jefferson had the chance to buy …show more content…

This ultimate expansion showed France and the globe how strong the United States became after the Seven Year's War and the value of victory. Of course the land has to be explored by the many anxious settlers who want to expand west and start a new life. Jefferson gave that opportunity to those brave people and Lewis and Clark will head out west and explore that wonderful purchase. But the many thousands of miles of land would have a concerning backlash as slavery expands west and the states fighting for slavery rights in those states leading to outbreak of

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