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William Faulkner was known as a southern writer through and through. He was born in the small town New Albany, Mississippi, on September 25, 1897. The original spelling of his last name was Falkner. His parents’ names were Murry Falkner and Maud Butler Faulkner. They named him after his paternal great-grandfather, William Clark Falkner. His great-grandfather was an adventurous and shrewd man who seven years prior was shot dead in the town square of Ripley, Mississippi. Throughout William Clark Falkner’s life, he worked as a railroad financier, politician, soldier, farmer, businessman, lawyer, and best-selling author. As almost everyone called him the grandeur of the “Old Colonel”. It loomed large in the minds of William Clark Falkner’s children …show more content…

Shortly after he it had 1,000-copy run, Faulkner decided to move on down to New Orleans. He had ended up publishing several essays for the Double Dealer, which was a local magazine that served to unite and nurture the city’s literary crowd. In 1925, Faulkner had succeeded in having his first novel ever published which was Soldiers’ Pay. As soon as it was accepted for print and sent to print, he decided to sail to Europe from New Orleans to live outside of Paris for a few months. During his time there he decided to write about the Luxemburg Gardens that was just a short distance from his apartment that he was staying at the time. Back in Louisiana, the American writer Sherwood Anderson, who had become one of Faulkner’s friends, had gave Faulkner some advice: He had told the young author to write about his native region of Mississippi where he had grown up-a place that Faulkner would surely know better than northern France where he was not from. Inspired by the concept that was given to him by his friend, he began writing about the places that he had been and people that was part of his

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