William Shakespeare Research Paper

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William Shakespeare is known as one of the greatest playwrights and poets in the English language. 37 of his plays are still around today and so is the globe theatre in London. He is best known for his plays such as Macbeth, A midsummer nights dream and Romeo and Juliet but he was also a poet and actor. William Shakespeare’s birth date is unknown but we know that it was in April 1564 and he was baptized on the 23rd April 1564. Many people believe that he dies on his birthday but we cannot be sure. William had 4 sisters and 3 brothers called Joan, Margret, Gilbert, Joan, Anne, Richard and Edmund.Joan, Margret and Anne all died before their 1oth birthday. William’s parents were named John and Mary Shakespeare. William was educated at King Edward VI School in Stratford and would of attended this school from the age of 7 until 14 when he would of left formal eductation. …show more content…

Anne is believed to be brought up in Shottery a small village west of Stratford. Between 1578 and 1582 there were not records of William being alive and these are now referred to as the lost Years. 6 months after the wedding their first child Susanna was born followed by twins Hamnet and Judith in 1585.Tragically Hamnet died of an unknown cause in 1596 at the age of 11. William and Anne’s relationship was difficult and the couple was not close as William worked in London, which made harder. In 1592 there is evidence that Shakespeare earned a living as an actor and playwright in London and possibly had some plays produced. Also in the 1590’s Shakespeare was a managing partner In ‘The lord Chamberlains Men’, an acting

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