Willy Loman Vs Gatsby

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Have you ever encountered someone whose life endured a great amount of disillusion or failure? These aspects relate to each other-one might cause the other- and create tragedy. Jay Gatsby and Willy Loman the main characters in the books The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald and Death Of A Salesman by Arthur Miller both lived lives that did not meet their own goals. Both Willy and Gatsby created their own destruction when their chances at achieving their objectives were unattainable. Willy Loman lived a more tragic life because of the constant change he wanted to achieve that never played out in his favor. When expectations are high from the people you love it’s difficult not falling for the pressure. Willy constantly felt uneasy about the wedge between him and his wealthy older brother Ben. Ben was a symbol of success and fortune: “No! Boys! Boys! Listen to this. This is your Uncle Ben, a great man! Tell my boys Ben!” (Miller 33). This showed the influence that Ben had on Willy, Willy was eager to show his sons, Happy and Biff how prestigious Ben was. After Willy’s father passed away he always made an effort to have Ben as a reminder to do better than average. He regularly told his wife Linda the plans he has set for the future; however Linda knew that he had acquired all he could and old age was not a good contribution. He was delusional about his reality and found it comforting to prepare answers to everyone who tried to tell him

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