Reality Vs Reality Willy Loman

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Living The Reality Rather Than Chasing The Impossible
Willy Loman ultimate dream was to achieve perfection
By Turki Al-Al-Suwailem
Throughout my report I have chosen to illustrate how Willy Loman in the story of Death of a salesman has lived by all his life by searching for perfection rather than reality. Willy lived to chase his unachievable dream rather than living the reality. His unrealistic connection between his reality and what he dreams to be has led him to death. His wrong judgments’ that are based on materialism and capitalism are a symbol of Willy’s dream to become a wealthy person. My presented report symbolizes realistic circumstances in which Willy build up a fear of abandonment, this feeling what made him want his family …show more content…

The American dream, hereby, is what Willy believed that is the perfect dream to be lived and should be his life chasing dream. As a result, Willy was always judging himself and all people around him, in addition to his family, by their money gathering, as is ordered by capitalism. Hence the society in which Willy lives will not permit him to live the American Dream but rather than always remind him of his reality. Willy is captivated by gathering things. His aspirations for goods make him want stuff that he neither required nor could manage to pay for. Willy believes that he wishes to purchase his wife a new refrigerator even though she is satisfied with what they have. As he strives to live the American dream he honors those who have been victorious at doing so, like his successful brother. Additionally he penalizes those who did not make any efforts towards that ideal or achieve it, like his son Biff, and for the most part prominently himself. The unattainable dream that he has lived all his life was struggling to achieve has brought him to complete disappointment and a loss of wisdom in his judgments. Willy formed a reality for himself where eventual result of his disenchantment. He has affected his family negatively where his wife, Linda, and his two sons as seen in the novel were not living their lives but Willy’s dream. They were all afraid …show more content…

Therefore his desperate life and his misery have caused him not to see anything beautiful around him. The rubber hose is one of a stage prop up that take the audience back of Willy’s hopeless attempts to commit suicide. Willy has in fact attempted to kill himself like inhaling gas, which is, paradoxically, the very matter necessary to one of the most essential rudiments with which he must provide his home with all what they need and leave wealth for his sons. Factual death by inhaling gas can be directly linked to the symbolic death that Willy feels in his great efforts to manage to pay for such a fundamental

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