Winston Churchill's Speech Figurative Language

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Winston Churchill inspired the West to be strong and united to fight against such plans and conspiracies of Russia. Sir Winston Churchill used figurative language to clear the position of Russia and it was after his this speech that people of Unite States got against Russia in their opinions and ideas and the popularity f Russia got dimed among the citizens of United States. Winston Churchill delivered the speech to help maintain peace not only in the region but also in the world however due to insecurities of people and other countries this led to a start of cold war among them. The purpose of his speech was also to unite Americans with their allies and among each other to hold a strong upfront against any of the enemies. Truman Doctrine is …show more content…

Truman greatly emphasized on the freedom of people for who did not want to join the Soviet Union for the sake of being weak. United States of America offered help to these free people to impose and reinforce democracy in the world. The Truman Doctrine had democracy as the centre part of his policy to bring good and positive changes in the world. The American foreign policy feared totalitarianism to be common and practiced in the world if democracy was not supported therefore more and more emphasis was given to democracy in the Truman Doctrine. Sir Winston Churchill was of the viewpoint that the free people of the world shall not be forced to live in a way they don’t like. He was in the favor of the democracy and the practice of democracy in the whole world not only in Eastern Europe or Western Europe. He wanted and highlighted that the Communist Soviet Union now Russia may take over the democratic Europe and force people to live in a communist society. Although the points highlighted by Winston Churchill arouse resentment among Russians it helped the world from a communist superpower. This also led to a cold war in the world among the two allies who were struggling for power but it also helped the democratic free people to live a free democratic

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