Women In A Society Of Patriotic Ladies By Abigail Adams

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Following the American Revolution and the separation from Britain, the main group that seemed to “hold all the power” were men, mostly white, of property. Many other groups during this time did not hold the same amount of power as the men. Women, in particular, suffered in terms of rights during and after the American Revolution. Between how women were to be seen in the eye of the public and their place in politics, women had very little rights. Women, during this time, were seen as the stay-at-home type. They did the chores around the house and when the men were away performing “public services,” they would take care of the land. Whenever a woman went outside of her “set standards,” it was frowned upon. In A Society of Patriotic Ladies, which took …show more content…

In Abigail Adams to John Adams, Abigail is left at home to work on the land while John is away working on the Declaration of Independence and working with the Continental Congress. In a letter to John, she tells him to “Remember the Ladies, and be more generous and favourable to them than your ancestors.” Knowing that previously, women were seen as the subordinates to their husbands and now that the American Revolution has taken place, it was up to the new founders to change the situation. Following this conversation with his wife, John Adams questioned in John Adams to John Sullivan, “But why exclude Women? You will Say, because their Delicacy renders them unfit for Practice and Experience, in the great Business of Life, and the hardy Enterprizes of War, as well as the arduous Cares of State.” There wasn’t anything that showed a major concern why women shouldn’t be able to vote, he even added, “Women and Children, have as good Judgment, and as independent Minds as those Men who are wholly destitute of Property.” It just wasn’t seen as something women should be able to do at this

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