Women's Suffrage Movement Dbq Essay

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One of the two most prominent fights for civil rights for specific communities in the 20th century in the United States were the Women's Suffrage Movement and the Civil Rights Movement. The Women’s Suffrage Movement advocated for the right to vote for women living in the United States of America. The Civil Rights movement faced the systematic suppression and oppression of African-Americans and utilized various different techniques of non-violent in order to overcome the system set against them. While there are many similarities and differences of both movements that were instrumental in the correct way to fight oppression, both utilized non-violent intentions and techniques to overcome their obstacles. The goals of the movements were both very similar as both were determined to fight against the systematic oppression and discrimination of their race or gender. The Women’s suffrage movement dealt with discrimination towards women and the Civil Rights Movements dealt with the continued discrimination of …show more content…

One of the techniques utilized in both movements was marching. In Document 3, the women who were advocating for women’s rights were marching of Washington holding signs that said various different phrases all rooted within the idea that the wait for women’s rights to be humans needed to end soon. No violent act was used to get across their beliefs because it would have caused more controversy for the movement and would have opened another window of criticism for the overall idea. In Document 8, African-Americans also utilized a march on Washington which was a major turning point for the rights of African-Americans being published and implemented in law. This is considered the major movement in the Civil Rights movement because it brought the attention of systematic oppression to everyone who had been sheltered by it in the past. The same idea was brought

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