B-17 Flying Fortress Essays

  • Tod Olson's LOST In The Pacific 1942

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    World War II soldiers crash landed a B-171 bomber in the pacific and were left to survive with no food or water on tiny inflatable rafts. The water was shark invested and was close to near enemy territory. They survived these treacherous conditions for three weeks prior to being rescued. The purpose of the B-17 was not combat, but for transportation of Eddie Rickenbacker.2 Rickenbacker was a living hero of World War 1, he was often nicknamed Ace because his flying abilities. He was

  • Symbols In Unbroken

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    for 47 days before getting captured by the Japanese. The way that Louie and Captain Phillips are able to find the will to survive is amazing. I believe that these symbols share the same traits as Louie and Phillips. A track that builds character, a B-24 that has determination, and a raft that makes real character show. A track is a symbol in Unbroken because it has truly built Louie’s character from the ground up. ☺(Personification)

  • Joe Rosato Research Paper

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    Joe Rosato is a tour guide and Liaison for volunteers on the Board of Directors of The New Jersey Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial Foundation located in Holmdel, NJ. He has volunteered at the memorial since 2007. Joe enlisted in the U.S Navy from his hometown of Brooklyn, NY on Dec. 7, 1966 (25th anniversary of Pearl Harbor). His basic training was at The U.S. Submarine Training Center in New London, CT. He ended up his enlistment in the Navy by serving in the Vietnam War at Yankee Station (Gulf of Tonkin)

  • Airbus And Boeing Comparison

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    MEANS OF COMPETITION If we compare the both companies then it can be done in the multiple ways or in multiple aspects as well. Here we had some main modes of competition on the basis of which the whole comparison can be based. Here in below we had different sort of the comparison which are these, Outsourcing Because many of the world's airlines are wholly or partially government owned, aircraft procurement decisions are often taken according to political criteria in addition to commercial ones.

  • Pearl Harbor Attack Research Paper

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    other half of the nurses were on the USS Oklahoma giving the their vaccinations. There were 29 US planes shot down during Pearl Harbor. One type of plane that was used was the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress. The other type was a Boeing P-26 Pea-shooter. There were more P-26 Pea-shooters shot down than B-17 Flying fortresses. How many battleships were

  • The Memphis Belle Crew

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    because of poor calibrating through cloud cover. Morgan remembered that they had no mission that was a “milk run”. He believed “the secret to a successful B-17 mission was tight formations - so tight that the wings often nearly touched in flight. That way, we were able to put out an amazing amount of firepower”.2 Every time they and any other B-17 bomber flew over enemy territory they were shot at. The most vulnerable time was when the bombardier took over the aircraft to sight the target. At that

  • The Importance Of Operation Torch

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    (Wardell). With the Wildcats destroying anti-aircraft guns and Axis controlled airports, the 12th Air Force bombers were safe to come in and finish the job with little resistance. The most common bombers used in Operation Torch were the B-24 Liberator and the B-17 Flying Fortress. The bombers’ main targets were large groups of transport trucks, ports, supply

  • B-17 Flying Trenches Narrative Report

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    As we get in our B-17 Flying Fortress, the tensions are high not knowing if we are going to make it back for dinner. As I sit back in one of the eight gunner positions loading my .30 caliber machine gun knowing that I would be shooting at Messerschmitt Bf 109 flying by like a cat chasing a mouse. Now that we 're in the air just over the English Channel, everyone is now making their last adjustments for the long and dangerous task that lays ahead. No one is talking, it’s as quite a store on Christmas

  • Tim Brady's The American Aviation Experience: A History

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    Who knew planes could fly over a major financial crash! As it turns out, they did. Planes were a new mode of transportation that was introduced by the Wright Brother and was finding its place in the world as most great inventions do. Though as it turns out, it was during the Great Depression this industry flourished and began to integrate into the lives of the american people. Planes were new to the scene and need to fill a demand. According  Tim Brady’s book , The American Aviation Experience: A

  • How Did The General Carl A Spaatz Impact On The 8th Air Force

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    SPAATZ took command of the 8th Air Force he then was charged with transferring the unit to Great Britain to commence operations against the Germans -- After arriving in July 1942, Carl SPAATZ then established American bases in Britain and began flying raids against the

  • World War 2 Research Paper

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    World war 2 is the greatest and largest war to ever occur in human history because of 2 big reasons, more money was spent on world war 2 than any other war before it, and the number of casualties in world war 2 is greater than any other war before it, adding up to around an estimate of 75 million human deaths. World War 2 is considered one of the biggest turning points in history. Many people contributed and sacrificed for the sake of the war. Companies converted their factories so that they could

  • Industrialization Of Airplanes

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    attacks due to the powerful weapons built into each plane . These planes could also attack troops and supplies on the ground, crippling entire armies. Another important plane during World War II was the bomber, for example the very popular B-29 super fortress. This plane was made famous during World War 2, dropping the bombs that devastated the Japanese cites of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Without the invention of planes, this act would not have occurred, and there may not have been such a turning point

  • Technological Advancements In Ww2 Essay

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    Over 17 million people died in World War I. Over 60 million people died in World War II. The deaths almost tripled because of the advancements in the war. 73 years ago on September 1, 1939 Germany invaded Poland without warning sparking the start of World War II. By the evening of September 3, Britain and France were at war with Germany and within a week, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and South Africa had also joined the war. The world had been plunged into its second world war in 25 years. The

  • Personal Narrative: The American Soldier

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    that had the oil.” Oil may very well be the untold story of WWII. It had a critical impact on strategy and was essential to the outcome of the war. Citations Porter, Ken. "Oil in WWII." Interview by author. September 30, 2015. MacDonald, Charles B. A Time for Trumpets: The Untold Story of the Battle of the Bulge. 1st Quill Ed Edition ed. New York: Morrow, 1984. 720. Donovan, Lieutenant Colonel Patrick H. "Oil Logistics in the Pacific War." In 2004 Logistics Dimensions, 544. Vol. 2. Air Force Logistics

  • Discrimination Against Mexican-Americans During The Zoot Suit Riots

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    Los Angeles media argued that the Zoot Suit Riots were not about race at all, but the city was segregated and only one group of people were being targeted, it was about race. Mexican-Americans were being targeted and discriminated against before the Zoot Suit Riots happened, and in a 1943 Los Angeles Times article the mainstream media distributed that sentiment. It was First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt who first traced the riots to discrimination against Mexican-Americans in California. The article stated