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  • Mechanisation In Banking

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    mechanization of some banking processes. This was largely due to the stiff resistance by the very strong bank employees unions. The early 1980s were instrumental in the introduction of mechanisation and computerisation in Indian banks. This was the period when banks as well as the RBI went very slow on mechanisation, carefully avoiding the use of ‘computers’ to avoid resistance from employee unions. However, this was the critical period acting as the icebreaker, which led to the slow and steady move towards

  • Bina Swadaya Case Study

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    The institution was established in Jakarta, 24th May 1967 initially by the name of of Yayasan Sosial Tani Membangun (YSTM) or Social Foundation of Farmers for Development. It was initiated by Ikatan Petani Pancasila (IPP) or the Pancasila Farmers Union. In the beginning of its establishment, Bina Swadaya intended to take function as a legal body to manage development projects commissioned by IPP. In 1969, when ‘Trubus’ farming magazine was launched, YSTM acts as its publisher. Due to the pressure

  • Financial Management Assignment: Related To Financial Management

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    the proliferation of commercial and nonmutual credit sources, savings, and loan associations continue to remain important credit institutions for its members in industrialized and industrializing countries, in particular. The origins and principles of savings and loans associations are not that dissimilar in both industrialized and industrializing countries, namely, small membership based thrift societies (similar to mutual savings banks and credit unions) where members saved and then borrowed on predetermined

  • Citigroup Executive Summary

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    Business plan: Citigroup Inc. 1. Resume. Citigroup Inc. is the largest international financial conglomerate, which has become one of the world leaders in the financial services industry. Citigroup was established through the merger of two different companies, Citicorp and Travelers Insurance, April 7, 1998, finally - October 9, 1998. Objective: Demand, which in the banking market, allows expectation to make a profit and the development of proposals and programs of this company in the market. The

  • Service Quality In Banking Industry Essay

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    Abstract: The Indian banking industry is rapidly changing due to new technology, fierce competition and demanding customers. A business with high service quality will meet customer needs especially in banking sector. High service quality leads to better customer satisfaction. The objective of study is to identify quality of services offered by State Banks of India and HDFC banks to customers. In addition the study tries to uncover gaps and make suggestions for improvement doing comparative analysis

  • Globalization In Banking

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    technology. Thus huge account registers and paper bank accounts are no longer used. Emerging trends include IT implementation and management, IT for business innovation, Managing IT risks and IT for internal effectiveness. E-banking includes services like credit and debit cards, e-cheque, and DMAT accounts, telephone banking, ATM, EFT (electronic funds transfer), ECS (electronic clearing services), EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), mobile banking and internet banking. RTGS (in March 2004) and National Electronic

  • Essay On Commercial Banking

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    compared. In each country, those figures which are available represent samples covering predominantly the larger banks in the larger cities. And here we talk about the Commercial banks which have a greater capacity for varying the aggregate volume of credit than other financial intermediaries. Banks are therefore potentially a more important source of cyclical instability. There is a huge difference between commercial banks and other financial intermediaries which can be sharply drawn. The differences

  • Determinants Of Technology Banking Essay

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    CHAPTER 5 PATTERN AND DETERMINANTS OF TECHNOLOGY BANKING ACCEPTANCE 5.1 Introduction The chapter explains the technology banking acceptance by the customers across socio-economic groups and the problems related to the use of technology banking. The review of literature points out the influence of socio-economic variables on the usage of technology banking and the chance for disparities in usage across these socio-economic constructs. Thus it has been examined in Kerala context. To use technology

  • Summary Of Alaska Air's Six Sigma Framework

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    The company uses the Six Sigma framework. Alaska Air’s Success story is that with the use of Lean Six Sigma at the end of the first year they were able to achieve a 20 minutes wait for baggage compared to the original 45 minutes wait. Second, the rate of missing bags and flight cancellation decreased. Third, they became the number 1 on time airline in the United States (2012) and consistent rated in being in the top 3 three years later. Today, they have the lowest complaint rate (0.5 per 100,000

  • Fogg Deodorants Case Study

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    Brand Communication Strategy: A Case Study of Fogg Deodorants in India Rashmia , Garima Nijhawan¬b a Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi, New Delhi, India b Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad Ms. Rashmi Affiliation address: Research Scholar, Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi, North Campus, Delhi 110007, India. E-mail: Correspondence (and Permanent) address: A-208 Prashant Vihar, Rohini Sector 14, Delhi 110085, India. Contact No. +91-9899718551

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Labour Movement In India

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    2: The emergence of labour movement in India A powerfully organised Labour movement existed in India. “The secretary of the Indian Labour Federation, or “Standing Committee of the All-India Trade Union Congress’” as it is called, Mr. Chiman Lal, who claimed that under this federation are combined 97 unions, with 1,500,000 members.”- as was mentioned in The Communist Review, September 1922, Vol.3,

  • Bose Corporation Case Study Solution

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    INTRODUCING BOSE CORPORATION • Bose corporation is a producer of audio premium speaker used in automobiles, commercial broadcasting and individual consumers. • It headquarters is in Framingham, Massachusetts and plants in Michigan, Canada, Mexico and Ireland • Bose corporation has suppliers both locally and across the shore. Foreign materials account for 20% of materials used and rest internally within the state of Michigan. • Bose high-end customers are Delco, Honda and Nissan with the delivery

  • Biometric Technology In Banking Essay

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    The use of biometric technology has spread its wings everywhere around the world. From biometric attendance system at workplaces for biometric data verification in case of registration of a legal document, the technology has emerged as one of the most useful innovations of this century. Authentication facilitated be biometric verification is becoming one of the most common procedure in public and corporate security system, including banks. Gone are the days when human couldn't even have imagined

  • Technology In Banking

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    1.1 Background of the study In this competitive business environment technology has been the most influencing factor especially in banking industry. Currently majority of banks are running in the application of information and communication technology (ICT) for their banking transactions. According to molla (2005),” information and communications technologies (ICTs) have changed the way of conducting business transactions and meeting the growing demands of customers for most organizations”. Now

  • Cafe De Casia Essay

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    II. Introduction Our group conducted an interview with the owner of Café de Casia which is Miss Katherine Joyce Maglalang to gather all the information we need to form and construct a marketing plan that will help the business obtain and maintain customers for the long run. The goal of the marketing plan is to make the newly operating business to be competitive enough to maintain its customers. And to know how we could help the business to improve, we started to study how environmental forces

  • Social Factors Affecting Mobile Banking

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    2.2 Factors affecting mobile banking adoption 2.5.2 Factors influencing the adoption of Cell Phone Banking Demographic situations Humanity comprises of many cultural and sociological factors that can be studied in relation to mobile banking, for instance, the effect of the features of countries and cultural similarities and variances between different regions. In light of the above, it is imperative that an analysis of the connection between the sociological and technological aspects cannot be completely

  • Information Technology In Electronic Banking

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    Survive in the country, branches that have opened, it is certainly the Pakistani banks to attached and aware of the up to date IT and use to its criteria. Except that the bank’s necessities much better aware about the use of technology to client-friendly, efficient and comparable in the current business and upper management and businesses, they also require the technology to latest products and latest formats of services and the growing changing internationally environment to deliver. Information

  • Computerized Accounting Information System Case Study

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    CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY Computerized Accounting Information System has been widely used by many organizations to automate and integrate their business operations. The usage of Computerized Accounting Information System has been a tremendous growth in service industries in recent past. The most obvious example is perhaps the Banking Industry (Kabiru I. Dandago and Abdullahi Sani Rufai, 2014). The Banking Industry plays a key role in an economy and has indeed broadened

  • Auditing: A Case Study

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    The basic objective for auditing is to prove the truth and fairness of results presented by business organizations. Auditors are requisite to carry out their audit work with an attitude of professional scepticism, professional judgment and fulfil with ethical requirements. Professional scepticism can be define as an attitude with questioning mind and always being alert to conditions which may cause possible misstatement (Mark W.Nelson, 2009). Moreover, professional judgment means a practice that

  • E-Banking Security: A Case Study

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    The Level of Awareness of the Selected CBEAM Students on the Extent of E-Banking Security Technology plays an important role in the society nowadays and is already used in the different aspects of business like banking. According to Acevedo (2015), businesses rely on the access to bank information to perform the accounting tasks for the monitoring of the status of a business. In addition, E-Banking offers easy access, secured transactions and 24-hour banking. Moreover, as said by Titrade, Ciolacu