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  • The Hiding Place Analysis

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    The Safe Place The story The Hiding Place is narrated by Corrie ten-Boom. She talked about the trials her family, the ten-Boom family, went through during World War ll. The ten-Booms live in Haarlem, Holland in a house known as the Beje. The book begins with the ten Boom family celebrating the 100th anniversary of the watch shop. In the next few chapters, Corrie talks about her childhood and glad-hearted mother, and the three aunts who once lived in the Beje. After the deaths of Corrie's mother

  • Clara Barton Biography

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    In Paragraph one in the article “Clara Barton” from the website “HistoryNet.com”. The founder of American Red Cross, Clara Barton, Was born on christmas day in 1821 in North Oxford, Massachusetts. Also in paragraph one of the “Clara Barton” article it states that her parents were Captain Stephen and Sarah (Stone) Barton. Her father was a businessman and community leader, who served in the indian wars. She was educated mainly at home by her older siblings. She was the youngest of five. When her brother

  • Clara Barton Research Paper

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    The introduction Clara Barton is one of the nursing leaders that shaped history (Kerfoot 1998). Clara Barton will be the main focus of this assignment as she was a remarkable woman who started off as an educator and then a clerk and then a nurse and then one of the founders of Red Cross in America. In a time when women were not educated and were not even offered jobs she worked side by side with men. She was from the Not for Profit Sector. Her field was Nursing and she tackled with providing healthcare

  • Clara Barton A Hero

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    How many of you have family that has worked in the armed forces? Or how many people have friends that live in third world or poor countries? On December 25, 1821, a tiny Christmas baby, who would become one of the greatest civil war heroines ever, was born into a loving middle class family. Clara Barton had four older siblings that adored her and taught her many life skills that would be crucial for her later career. School was very boring to her because she liked to care for others rather than

  • The Impact Of Clara Barton During The Civil War

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    Nursing made a big impact during the Civil War and Clara Barton helped make that impact. Clara Barton was born in North Oxford, Massachusetts, on December twenty-fifth, eighteen twenty-one. Her full name was Clarissa Harlowe Barton but they shortened Clarissa to Clara. She was raised with four older siblings, they were Dorothy(1804), Stephen(1806), David(1808), and Sally(1811). When she was six her oldest sister Dorothy suffered a mental breakdown and never regained her health. Clara’s older

  • Dirty Dawg Analysis

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    Morning at the Museum with Biggie and Pelirojo One brisk evening that seemed to yearn on forever, Richard, Pasquale, and John had set up a heist. They called themselves The Three Dirty Dawgs. Richard, a very sociable Polish man with many ties in the community, had a key to get in. Pasquale, a little Italian thug, had all the equipment needed to get in and out with as few problems as possible. John was a large, very Italian man, with a thick accent. He was there to make sure things didn’t get

  • Who Is Clara Barton Angel Of The Battlefield

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    Clara returned home in 1873 after receiving news of her sister's illness. After her sisters passing Clara suffered unspeakable debilitating nervous breakdown which she was not able to recover on her own. So she admitted herself to a sanitarium in Dansville, New York in 1876. Her treatment consisted of therapeutic baths, fresh air, sunshine and rest. It was and illness that lasted years and at age 60 Clara began the work for which she would imprint her name in history of the United States by founding