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  • Personal Narrative: Joining The Douglas Debate Team

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    join the Douglas Debate team. At first, I didn’t want to be a member of the team in the slightest. It didn’t seem like something I would be too interested in. During the Denver tournament I realized I was starting to like it. Exploring Denver was one of the best times I have ever had with the team, it was truly amazing. After a few months I realized I really did enjoy Debate, and I was really good at it. I was really glad I ended up It giving it a try. Over the last three years Debate has become one

  • Foster Care Debate

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    Pro-choice, is advocating legalized abortion according to Imagine being a kid who was born by a mother who never even wanted you, or wasn’t able to take care of you. However she was forced to still have you because it was against the law. Nine months later you are born , but the mother decides that she is going to put you in foster care. Yet the problem with that is so many kids are in foster care already. So you find yourself in a battle against others kids to find a “forever family”

  • Pro Abortion Debate

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    Crystal Blount, who was a young and intelligent girl when she was a fourteen-year-old freshman, raped by an upper class guy that she barely knew in high school. One day, the guy convinced Crystal to join him in the music department and raped her in the dark room. She was terrified and told nobody about this happen for three months until she could no longer deny she was pregnant. Now, I would like to pause the story here for a second and ask everyone a question, do you think abortion should be legalized

  • Utilitarianism And The Abortion Debate

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    According to Utilitarianism the decision would be for whatever would bring the majority of the people the most pleasure. I thing that one would have to know the circumstances around the rape to accurately gage what the population would want, as well as the geographic area. For instance if the rape took place in a highly liberal place like Vermont the idea of having to bear a pregnancy that was the product of rape may cause many liberal people who believe in the a woman’s right to choose great

  • Planned Parenthood Debate

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    Planned Parenthood has remained a controversial topic in government and in households throughout America. There are split views on whether it should be funded by government or not, not to mention the underlying moral dilemma when it comes to abortions. In essence, Planned Parenthood was funded $500,000 in 2014. Though they are not prohibited to use federal funding on abortions, but Planned Parenthood conducts around 300,000 abortions a year using other funding. Recently, an anti-abortion group conducted

  • Abortion Pro-Life Debate

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    Disclaimer: This paper will not discuss the argument of whether abortion should be legal or not. The pro-choice/pro-life debate is multi-faceted and I believe where you stand has a lot to do with your core fundamental beliefs. According to Dr. Jesudason, a nephrologist at the Royal Adelaide hospital, “abortion is arguably one of the most polarizing issues in American politics today” (Jesudason 1). I will however, be discussing the importance of accessible and affordable family planning and the impact

  • Argumentative Essay: The Abortion Debate

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    Introduction The main debate is Abortion, and how there are pros and cons about the topic. Abortion in the world is something that people find very controversial because of the fact that many people belief this goes against any moral and any reasonable theory of murdering an unborn child in the womb of a pregnant lady. In other words, a vast majority of people believe that abortion is murder and that with religion in mind, will go to hell. On the other hand, people are not against abortion because

  • Fetal Tissue: The Abortion Debate

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    Abortion is usually the easy way out for an unwanted baby. (1) The baby will have birth defects. People who abort babies do not want the baby to have a medical problem and if the baby does, it isn’t good enough for them. (2) People cannot afford to provide for the baby. Another reason people abort babies is because they can’t afford to buy the necessities for the baby. They don’t think of other options after having the baby and think aborting it, is the best way. The selling of fetuses has become

  • Controversy: Embryonic Stem Cell Debate

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    In recent years, several competing viewpoints have emerged about embryonic stem cell research. All of this debate raises an important question, Should embryonic stem cell research be conducted for treatment of present and future diseases? People who believe that an embryo should not be destroyed tend to say that embryonic stem cell research should not be conducted. On the other hand, people who believe that embryonic stem cell research creates means of curing diseases reply that the research should

  • Ethical Issues In Australia's Abortion Debate

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    A contemporary ethical issue within Australia is Abortion. The topic of Abortion is a regularly discussed topic due to the two different opinions which are the Catholic Church perspective and the Australian Secular perspective. The Catholic Church perspective believes that abortion is wrong no matter what the circumstance. The Australian secular view believes that the mother and father should have the freedom to decide for themselves and that Abortion is acceptable in some situations. This essay

  • Donald Trump's Informative Essay: The Third Debate

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    The Third Debate The third and final presidential debate took place in Las Vegas, NV on October 19, 2016. Once again the debate was between Senator Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. There was an audience in attendance as well as this debate was televised and broadcasted on national television around the world. Donald stated that if he is elected the supreme court justice that he appoints will uphold the second amendment as well as the rest of the amendment. He also states when it comes to abortion

  • Roe V. Wade's Arguments For The Abortion Debate

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    fetus from the uterus in order to terminate a pregnancy, has been one of the most controversial topics of the past 30 years. In 1973, the landmark case Roe vs Wade essentially paved the way for the abortion debate to be at the forefront of not only health debates, but also legal and political debates. Roe filed a class action lawsuit against the State of Texas and stating that the laws in Texas on abortion at the time were unconstitutional, because she couldn 't get an abortion unless it was to save

  • Donald Trump's Arguments Against The Abortion Debate

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    The topic of abortion has long been a controversial issue. An abortion is a medical procedure that is used to terminate a pregnancy and cause death to the embryo. Both presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump take on different sides on this sensitive issue. Donald Trump is pro life he is against the practice of abortion. Hillary Clinton on the other hand, is pro choice she supports that women should have a right to a safe legal abortion. While abortion may affect a woman physically

  • The Great Debates: John F. Kennedy Vs. Nixon

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    foreign policy experience and had spent almost eight years as the United States’ second-in-command meanwhile Kennedy’s youth and religious background was considered to be a disadvantage by nearly the entire nation. If it weren’t for their constant debates and opportunity to compete publicly against one another, Kennedy would have had no shot in even remotely winning the presidential election of 1960.

  • Thematic Topics For Hamlet

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    Before I partook in this discussion, I was confident in my abilities to discuss the various thematic topics that Hamlet covered as well as illustrate the intricate details of the play and connect it to a broader idea. However, I realized as the discussions progressed that I failed to consider all perspective and thought that my perspective was the correct and most accurate one. I am glad to have participated in the discussions because my understanding of the play has increased exponentially as I

  • My Freshman Year Book Review

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    discuss or debate in class. In addition, even the discussions outside of class are of nothing to do with academics. For instance, in the beginning Nathan speaks about how teachers are having a difficult time getting to speak up in class and an answer to anything. She goes on to give example of reason why students feel the need to not speak up in

  • Presidential Debates

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    ideas of the previous debates and analyze them. That is why he suggests his own critical evaluation of past studies connected with the issue. Moreover, past debates, their influence on people, argumentation and the way in which they influence people are also investigated. This evaluation of argumentation as a means to persuade people and motivation with its effects on debates and attitude responses in particular helps to identify strong and weak sides of presidential debates and understand the whole

  • Immigration Debate

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    Prevailing Debate on Immigration in the U.S One of the most persevering political debates of all time in the American society has been on the controversial issue of immigration. The debate has recently been sparked back to life by the continuing election campaigns, as aspiring presidential candidates pit their perspectives on the issue against each other’s. Of particular interest is the recent assertion by Donald Trump, a Republican president aspirant, that if elected he would adopt an immigration

  • Racism Debate

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    As it is mentioned in introduction part, although racism debate is a deep-rooted one in many different disciplines such as international relations, sociology and psychology; it is still ongoing debate which is transforming into other newer types. There are numerous studies on racism that focus on biological differences like color whereas the publications are less about “new racism” which refers to “declining role of biological hierarchies as ways to establish racial difference in contemporary period”

  • The Mytilenian Debate

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    country to function. The Mytilenian Debate takes place after the revolt of Mytilene, the council immediately decided in sentencing the entire male population to death and to enslave the women and children yet, “there was a sudden change of feeling…to destroy not only the guilty, but the entire population of a state. In Thucydides, History of the Peloponnesian War the role of policies can affect the course of war and the state. It is best seen in The Mytilenian debate where the parliament of Athens discusses