Donner Party Essays

  • The Donner Party Cannibalism

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    During the harsh journey through the mountains, The Donner Party’s last resort for surviving the winter was cannibalism! In 1845, a group of people called The Donner Party decided to trek through the Sierra Nevada Mountains to expand U.S. territory. During their trek, The Donner Party got trapped in 6 feet of snow and were stuck in the mountains. The Donner Party had a positive impact on the 1800’s because it expanded countries boundaries and made a faster course from San Francisco to Reno. U.S.

  • The Donner Party Essay

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    The Donner party, one of the most legendary tales of the American expansion of the West. Eighty-seven people, men, women, and Children risked it all. Their Lives, Fortunes, and Density. Beyond the obvious tragedy of the Donner party, one can find examples of Human Character in the story. Courage, Perseverance, Hopefulness. The Donner party started out in the year, 1846 in Springfield, Illinois. Why did they head out west? Reasons from economic opportunity to a “fresh start”. The party

  • The Difficulties: The Donner Party

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    On our trip to California, we (the Donner Party) were forced to face many unexpected hardships. At Alcove springs Grandmother Keyes died. Just past Fort Bridger we took the Hastings Cutoff, which we were informed saved 400 miles. The information was wrong. The shortcut added 100 miles to the journey. Hastings had said the Salt Lake Desert was about forty miles across, but it was actually more like eighty. The desert brought more difficulties, and for 5 days we suffered from thirst. The lost ¼ of

  • Reflective Response To William Golding's 'Piggy'

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    Quote: 1. “‘I don’t care what they call me, ‘ he said confidentially, ‘ so long as they don’t call me what they used to call me at school.’…..’ They used to call me ‘Piggy’’” (Chapter 1, Page 11) Reflective Response: I chose this particular passage because it shows the beginning of the book when the boys still had their innocence, and it shows Piggy trying to be treated differently than he is treated at home. This passage relates to the novel as a whole because throughout the whole novel Piggy

  • The Donner Party Research Paper

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    in a last farewell. Mama was overcome with grief. At last we were all in the wagons. The drivers cracked their whips. The oxen moved slowly forward and the long journey had begun.” — Virginia Reed, daughter of James Reed. A tragic story of the Donner party is a very harrowing adventure through the journey of the big group and how about half of the people lived to tell the tale. On April 16, 1846 nine wagons were reported departing from Springfield Illinois on a journey of what is now called the

  • Anne Orthwood's Bastard Summary

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    In addition, the short story included called “Leg Irons” illustrates the life of a African American man named George Washington who runs away from slavery still in chains and manages to get to the Union Lines. Dated on 1861, two years before the Emancipation Proclamation, the union soldiers that captured him didn’t send him back to his master in the south but instead sent him to a camp, where they keep other escapee. The short comic takes us through the series of tests that George had to conquer

  • Jose Saramago's Blindness And The Luxborough Galley

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    situations, such as; the people of the Donner Party, those associated with the Andes Flight Disaster, and the crew members of the Luxborough Galley. In Jose Saramago’s Blindness, we see characters in the book have to make difficult decisions during life or death situations, such as guards killing blind people in hopes of not contracting the blindness, blind citizens stealing goods from stores and even people preaching

  • Why Did The Donner Party Get Stuck In The Sierra Nevada Mountains

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    Why did the Donner Party get stuck in the Sierra Nevada Mountains? In April of 1846 90 emigrants led by Jacob and George Donner left Springfield Illinois in hopes of using a quicker, shorter route to Oregon. The party took the regular trail up to Ft. Bridger, Wyoming. There they were supposed to meet a trail guide, Lansford Hastings, to take them but he was gone, leading another party along the mountains. There was a note for the Donner’s to follow a trail to Weber Canyon, Hasting claimed it was

  • Poem Analysis: The Fish By Elizabeth Bishop

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    The Fish, by Elizabeth Bishop is a free verse structured poem that navigates readers through the writer’s vivid perception of a fish that she has just caught. The fish depicted in this writing was allegorical to one’s survival of life’s tumultuous nature that can leave one scarred and battered with harshfully visible remnants. The writer skillfully employs literary devices that create an overwhelming image in the reader’s mind of the true meaning behind the appearance of the fish. Bishop expresses

  • Four Stages In The Goonies

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    The Goonies “The Goonies” (Spielberg, 1985) shows many attributes to “team” and “group” work and also considering the team is made up of children it is very relevant for my future E.A career. Below, I will demonstrate my theories through what I have learned so far in this course. Four Stages of the group stages/cycle: There are four stages of group development. These are called forming, storming, norming and performing. (Fitzgibbon, 2016). • Forming The first stage of the group cycle is the forming

  • The Piano Lesson Analysis

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    In The Piano Lesson by August Wilson, he explores the past to find out about people’s values and choices in the 1930s. The different values and ideals of the main characters helped them accept their history instead of ignoring it. The purpose of this essay to show the things Boy Willie valued and cared about in life and how those things impacted his future, which gets to the lesson and message of the play. Boy Willie’s family history has influenced how he holds himself and his thoughts about what

  • The Great Gatsby Immoral Money Quotes

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    that he did anything to get Daisy’s attention and make her love him. This leads him to be extremely careless about his money and himself. Gatsby throws huge extravagant parties, which is seen many time through the book. He repeats this for five years hoping Daisy will stop by. He spends countless amounts of money to make these parties to impress Daisy even though she never comes. This is seen when Gatsby states, “‘It was a strange

  • Barn Burning Analysis

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    Thomas Bertonneau writes in “An Overview of ‘Barn Burning,’ “the price of wisdom is suffering, but the price of freedom, of whatever kind, is wisdom. . .” (Bertonneau 15). Though “Barn Burning” appears to be a strange story with little value at first glance, it actually withholds a great deal of significance. In fact, the story’s oddities contribute to its literary value when one carefully scrutinizes them. The grotesque elements create mystery, leading an audience to seek for a hidden meaning. William

  • She's A Rooster Poem Analysis

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    Title Page   Copyright page   A Novelty Poem She’s a Rooster She comes from Rhode Island, And her name is Red, She crows every morning, When she gets out of bed. Now she’s a Rooster, She likes to flog her man. Now she’s a Rooster, She’ll flog you, when she can. And whenever she catches you, Messing with some other chicks, She’ll flog you with those spurs of hers, Just for kicks. Now she’s a Rooster; And whenever she’s mad at you, You’ll hear her cluck, Cock-a-Doddle-Do. MAN SHE’S A ROOSTER. Duane

  • The Party In Margaret Drabble's The Radiant Way

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    Margaret Drabble’s novel The Radiant Way begins at the end of a year. At this time, the main character, Liz, decides to throw a massive New Year’s party, hoping to begin this new year with both grace and the excitement for impending change. Ironically enough, it is at this New Year’s party that Liz is forced to come to terms with the fact that this party not only ends the year but the end of the Era that was her prior life. Further, as this novel was published at the beginning of a new era in Britain

  • Quinceanera Research Paper

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    all girls then it is considered a “Damas”. If the Court of Honor is full of all men then it can be called a “Galan”,” Escortes”, or “Chambelanes”. The Court will either wear gowns or tuxes while the Quinceanera wears a ball gown. The guest at the party will usually receive some type of gift from the celebration. The Quinceanera will normally get a Scepter, a prayer book or Bible, medal or cross, and a tiara. If the person in charge of the Quinceanera is willing to go all out for the girl then they

  • Hollywood's Misinterpretation Of College Students: Fantasy Or Reality

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    The reality of college life Numerous individuals perceive college as being one big party however, that allegation is unrealistic. Preconceived notions of how college really works, ultimately ruins the actuality of college life. A way people get a vision of college life is through watching movies and television. For instance, Lisa Mauro in “Hollywood’s Depiction of College Students: Fantasy or Reality” states “We are portrayed inaccurately and this portrayal is being shown so often that it becomes

  • Thronburg Family: Personal Narrative Analysis

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    In the beginning, a new life was started for the Thronburg family. Our motto: “plan, plan, plan” was developed. “Plan, plan, plan” means to create a plan for anything that you wish to go well. Trips, parties, and even holidays need to be well planned. When I plan things such as pool parties, Thanksgiving holidays, or vacation trips, I often find myself needing to plan, plan, and plan again, because life gets in the way and I have almost no short term memory. Therefore, being able to remember things

  • Corruption In Barn Burning

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    Sarty from Barn Burning Barn Burning is a short tale by William Faulkner, which discuss 10 year old boy, Sarty Snopes’ dilemma over assigning priority between his family and social justice, truth and righteousness. The story seems to be revolving around Sarty’s unceasing contemplations about his father’s integrity and justice’s philosophies and system. However, in the story, Sarty’s father, Abner Snope is used to burn the barn and notorious as an incendiary but, Sarty’s views on justice are far

  • Body Movement Analysis

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    Opening 1. Body Language • Eye Contact Eye contact is one of the most important part when presenting. Eye contact is used to keep audiences’ attention, also being used to make audiences feel respected. Eye contact needs to be natural and friendly. If we nervous when we look to someone’s eyes, just look at the “T” part of their face. • Body Movement Body movement is a part of non-verbal communication. It helps us to make audiences understand better what we are going to convey as well as helps to