Freethought Essays

  • Conformity Vs Individualism Analysis

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    For an utopian society to exist, there needs to be a merging of conformity and individualism in the society. Pure individualism or pure conformity in a society leads to a lopsided and corrupted society; they need to exist in synchrony. In Merry Mount, the people follow an ideology of complete freedom of thought and of individualism. The Puritan’s society shows what happens when everyone conforms and no one expresses their individual beliefs. When the ideologies of conformity and individualism merge

  • The Judge's Wife Analysis

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    Victoria Fiore Professor Mink English EN102 24 November 2014 “The Judge’s Wife” In, “The Judge’s Wife,” included in chapter eight of Backpack Literature: An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, Drama and Writing, the author, Isabel Allende creates a story entangling drama, romance and destiny. In the first part of the story we meet Nicolas Vidal. He was born a bastard to a prostitute, Juana the Forlorn, and was foretold at birth, by the midwife that he would lose his

  • The Lion King Transcendentalism Analysis

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    The Hidden Meaning Inside The Lion King Transcendentalism has been embraced by society through the movie The Lion King. The Lion King is a story about a young cub, Simba, who is born son to the king in a thriving kingdom. Simba goes about his days playing and enjoying life until his uncle, Scar, decides to plot a scheme to overthrow the throne. When Scar puts his plan into play, Mufasa, Simba’s father and king, dies. Due to the circumstances, Simba is led to believe it was his fault and runs away

  • Patrick Henry's Speech To The Virginia Convention: An Analysis

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    A person can only be as independent as their thoughts and actions allow them to be. During the time period of the Puritans, the idea of conformity and obedience was valued in their society. Soon after, the philosophy of Deism came about and they started to value the idea of free thought and independence more than the orthodox view of the Puritans. Finally, the age of Transcendentalism arose which appreciated the idea of individuality and hard work more than any other belief. Throughout the major

  • Spotlight Film Analysis

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    example of the Catholic church members conforming to this idea that priests should not be prosecuted for their actions because they are under the influence of God. Anyone who protested was silenced immediately by the church to protect their image. Freethought was not allowed within the church. However, the Spotlight investigation team had no limit on their free thought and used their knowledge of the churches’ atrocities to question further the people involved. The Catholic church saw this as positive