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    Martha Graham was named by Time Magazine in 1998 as the "Dancer of the Century" and is a well-known dance choreographer. She is an icon and created over 181 dance techniques. Her approach to dance revolutionized the art form and would later change the dance world. Martha Graham was born on May 11, 1894, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Later she and her family moved to Santa Barbra, California where she was introduced to dance. At the age of 17, Martha attended Denishawn School of Dancing and Related

  • Martha Graham Dance Analysis

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    Graham technique is a modern dance technique created by American dancer and choreographer Martha Graham. Argentine tango is a social dance originating at the end of the 19th century in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, Argentina. In this comparative essay, I evaluate the relationship between Martha Graham Modern Dance and Argentine Tango in terms of their historical context, each dance cultures’ current contexts, dance elements, and conclude with an analysis of dance excerpts. The origins of both dance

  • Martha Graham Contribution To Dance

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    Martha Graham is recognised as one of the greatest artists of the 20th century. Using the expressive capacity of the body Martha Graham created a new movement language. Her new style grew for her experimentation with contraction and release. With the sharp, angular, and direct movements were in a direct comparison the classical ballet technique. Martha Graham danced and choreographed for over 70 years, and was the first dancer to dance at the White House. During her long career she produced 181 dance

  • Contemporary Dance: The Martha Graham Technique

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    Martha Graham broke boundaries, stereotypes and rules. She had the ambitious desire to explore unknown pathways and lead contemporary evolution. An American modern dancer, teacher and choreographer, Graham was successful in challenging traditional styles with contemporary dance . She formed her own practice with personalised principles known as the Graham technique, which is recognised as one of the most successful progressions in contemporary history. Nowadays, being taught across the world the

  • How Did Martha Graham Contribute To Dance

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    Martha Graham was a world famous modern dancer and choreographer from the twentieth century. Graham was special to any other dancer in her time, she created her very own unique difficult technique style which changed the dance community's perspective on modern dance. Graham choreographed her works through themes and ideas that were quite personal and related to issues in her time. The technique style Graham created was a whole new language in dance. She developed the motion of ‘contraction and release’

  • How Did Martha Graham Influence Modern Dance

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    Lester Horton. Martha Graham. Erick Hawkins. Isadora Duncan. Ruth St. Denis. Alvin Ailey. All of these people, more than dancers, teachers, and choreographers, have created their own dance style that has changed the base of modern dance. Modern dance, which developed in the late 19th century and early 20th century, was a movement that opposed previous ballet traditions and interpretive dances. There are various modern dance styles, each with their own principals and creators. Modern dance pioneers

  • How Modern Dance Developed In The United States And Germany

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    for dance experimentation. It began with Isadora Duncan, Loie fuller, and Ruth St. Denis in the United States. In Germany modern dance began with Rudolf Von Laban and Mary Wigman. Modern dance was influenced from the non-western dance cultures. Martha Graham was just a dancer inspired by Isadora Duncan and her dance which was modern dance. The movement style of Modern Dance involves posture and use of the body's weight. As well as movement in the head, arms, hands, feet, torso, and legs. Yoga routines

  • Analysis: Pivotal Modern Dance And Technique Artist Erick Hawkins

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    in ballet to modern, Hawkins began his modern career with the Martha Graham Company. He was the first male Martha Graham company member and choreographer. He helped choreograph numerous amounts of pieces by Graham’s side. Hawkins collaborated choreographically with Graham in Appalachian Spring 1944 (Allen), and many other people including Merce Cunningham (Martha). Working together in Graham’s troupe brought Hawkins closer to Graham, eventually marrying her in 1948. In 1951, Hawkins then set out

  • George Balanchine's Influence On American Dance

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    American dance. Martha Graham’s Lamentation, and George Balanchine’s Serenade. Martha Graham was Dennisshawn student in 1916 but left to begin her solo career in 1926. She was considered to be a forerunner of the first generation of American modern dance. Graham created Lamentation in 1930 and called it a “dance of sorrow”. She believed that dance was an expression of one’s inner landscape and showed great emotion in all of her dancing. The dance was meant to embody grief and Graham really connected

  • Lester Horton's Dance Techniques

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    Modern Dance is defined as being a dance style that focuses on a dancer's interpretation as opposed to the structured steps of Ballet. It was developed in the early twentieth century, primarily in Germany and the United States. The dance style was a rebellion against the rigid formalism of Ballet. The pioneers of the dance style were Isadora Duncan, Loie Fuller, and Ruth St. Denis in the United States, Rudolf von Laban and Mary Wigman. Modern dance is known for its nature-like and free flowing movement

  • Who Is Twyla Tharp Become An Innovator?

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    Twyla Tharp is a choreographer who had a deep appreciation for choreographic innovators such as Merce Cunningham. Throughout her career, Tharp utilized and diverted from the ideas of choreographic precedents which ultimately led to Tharp becoming an innovator herself. She used their inspiration to create works that were entirely original while breaking the barriers and classifications of dancing all together. Twyla Tharp questioned and challenged the labels given to choreography that were based on

  • Martha Graham Research Paper

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    Martha Graham is an artist and choreographer who is a standout amongst the most powerful figures of advanced move. Her family was puritans, so Martha Graham was raised in a stern family. Graham got to be distinctly inspired by move in the wake of watching Ruth St. Denis' move execution. She needed and chose to wind up distinctly an artist, yet her dad didn't permit her to concentrate the move. Be that as it may, she started her learns at the Denishawn School of Dancing and Related Arts, established

  • Promethean Fire Analysis

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    was born in Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania on July 29, 1930. At the young age of 24, he started a company called Paul Taylor Dance Company and worked with iconic choreographers such as Martha Graham and George Balanchine. His prominent pieces are Three Epitaphs, Aureole, Esplanade, Airs, and Speaking in Tongues. Martha Graham started calling him “The naughty boy of modern dance” because of his approach to his choreography (Paul). When choreographing Promethean Fire, Taylor pictured himself as a reporter

  • How Did Ruth St. Denis Influence Modern Dance

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    said that she felt like she was trapped in her marriage and Denishawn. Despite the couple’s issues, they kept up appearances in the public eye. In 1921, Ted Shawn opened another branch of the Denishawn school in New York with his star student, Martha Graham. Not long after, Denis rejoined him and the Denishawn company was performing

  • Ruth St. Denis's Influence On Modern Dance

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    Research Paper – Ruth St Denis There are many famous dancers and choreographers who have shaped modern dance and how it is performed nowadays. Ruth St Denis was without a doubt one of the most influential choreographers in the modern dance business and was the teacher of many successful dancers, who themselves reinvented modern dance and established new visions as well. One of her most notable impacts on modern dance was bringing ideas from eastern cultures into the western culture by incorporating

  • How Did Marie Loïe Fuller Contribute To Society

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    Not only did she inspire the masses through this artistic revolution, she also paved the way for pioneers of dance such as, Fokine, Diaghilev, and the Ballet Russes. Successful artists such as Isadora Duncan and Martha Graham were also supported and inspired by Fuller, sponsoring them in their independent concerts helping them get started in their career as artists. Fuller continued to popularize this foreign art form by establishing her own dance school in the early

  • Doris Humphrey Essay

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    Topic (20-30 words; 10 point) What subject, dance, group, and/or practice is the author talking about? Doris Humphrey is discussing her perspective of the subject of choreographers and choreography. She is expressing her thoughts about choreographers and their dreams/influences as well as independent choreographers. Scope of the Topic (10-20 words; 10 point) What time period, cultural, geographical, or national context is the author discussing? Doris Humphrey is discussing an idea that she developed

  • Maria Tallchief Research Paper

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    McKenzie Vincent NBE3C Mrs.Kearns November 3 2017 Maria Tallchief: America’s First Prima Ballerina Dance is one of the best ways to express oneself without language. Out of all the dances, ballet is the most graceful dance there is, as well as the most difficult. It is an honour to become a prima ballerina in a dance company because it is one of the most difficult positions to get to. Maria Tallchief managed to become a prima ballerina despite a lot of hard times and her wanting to give up. Maria

  • The Sun King Louis XIV Influence On Court Dance

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    Here comes the Sun! He was the King who danced. Louis XIV ruled France from 1638-1715. He brought opulence to the monarchy with his extravagant court dances, memorable performances, and the institution of the modern ballet. Louis was a fine dancer, who learned to dance as soon as he could walk. Ballet was a part of his daily life. He studied. He rehearsed. He performed. Debuting in his first ballet at the age of twelve. Starred as the "Rising Sun" at age fifteen in Le Ballet de La Nuit. And as Apollo

  • Dance Theatre Analysis: Bangarra

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    Bangarra Dance Theatre is one of the youngest and most exciting dance companies in Australia. Bangarra grants audiences access to the Australian indigenous world and culture whilst creating an enriching and thought provoking experience through storytelling and theatrical presentation. Their performances contribute to a better understanding and acceptance of aboriginal values. Bangarra was established by Carole Johnson in 1989, the company quickly grew and in 1991 Stephen Page was appointed as the