Mesoamerican Long Count calendar Essays

  • Aztec Creation Myth Analysis

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    Many cultures have different beliefs and different stories of how the world was created but the Aztec creation story is an interesting story to read. According to the myth the Aztecs have a story in which deals with the elements and how they came to be. The Aztec Creation Myth contains the following archetypes: the ritual, The unhealable wound, the battle between good and evil, and the task. The Aztec myth starts with a dual god named Ometecuhtli/ Omecihuatl creating themselves then he/she has

  • Mesoamerican Calendar

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    health before entering into the sacred water, where he descends through on his way to the underworld, “Xibalba.” Mesoamericans took their calenders as astronomy serious. Their temples were aligned to meet the needs of a particular god and accurately counted off the days ever year to mark when the god was to be celebrated. The Maya calendar system was also used by the other Mesoamerican nations, such as the Aztecs and the Toltec. They adopted the mechanics of the

  • European Influence On African Americans

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    Around the time of the 15 and 16 century , Europeans started to immerse in the slave trade . “European traders had previously been interested in African nations and kingdoms such as Ghana and Mali , due to their sophisticated trading networks “ ( MLA East of England 2009) and their keen knowledge of trading networks, they wanted to trade something more valuable: humans . They took slaves from Western Africa to Europe and America . In the beginning, it was a small amount but the slave trade grew during

  • The Olmec Civilization

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    The emergence of the Olmec civilization within the American web Compared to their counterparts of the Old World Web, the metropolitan webs in the Americas have emerged at a later date and in distinguished dimensions. The Olmec civilization is considered to be one of the earliest appearing civilizations in Central America, which is also known as Mesoamerica. As a part of the Human Web, the Olmec civilization contributed to the exchange and spread of knowledge and information, having its own impact