Mussoorie Essays

  • The Hawk In The Rain Poem Analysis

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    Edward James Hughes, known as Ted Hughes, was a great poet, dramatist, critic and short story writer. His poetry offers a wide range and variety. His subjects range from animals, landscapes, war to the philosophical and metaphysical queries about the universe. His early childhood in the Calder valley had an everlasting impact on him. The local animals of the valley became his archetypes. They were of tremendous importance to Hughes from the beginning, they were living representative of another world

  • Hullabaloo In The Guava Orchard

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    Well known critic Matthew Arnold says ‘literature is criticism of life’. Life of human being depends upon nature. So nature and literature having intimate relationship goes hand in hand. Literature reflects everything happening around us. Nature is origin of all sciences. Any branch of science can’t be studied without study of natural elements. Literary field is also not exception. Not any writer could keep himself away from beauty of nature and its depiction in literature. Since pre-independence

  • Room On The Roof Analysis

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    ‘The Room on The Roof’ by Ruskin Bond is one of his wonderful novels which describes the story of an orphan sixteen-year-old boy named Rusty who lived with his guardian Mr. John Harrison in Dehradun and reflects that despite of being lived in an isolated area under British Empire the boy had an great interest in Indian people and traditions and wanted to break-free from the strict rules of his guardian to keep away from the Indians and also shows that how some strangers become a part of one’s life

  • The Theme Of Nature In John Steinbeck's The Red Pony

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    Have you ever experienced the moment when you feel you are powerless against the law of nature? For example, death is something that every living thing on the Earth will face at some point of its life and something that people can never control. The Red Pony written by John Steinbeck is a novel filled with symbolic events and lessons about nature’s indifference to man. According to Steinbeck, all nature, including human beings, is inseparably bound together. While the stories of the book are full

  • Karma Khushwant Singh Analysis

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    Analytical essay Karma The religious term karma means deed, work done or destiny. Theologically speaking, it is a Hindu doctrine proclaiming that your actions continue to have affects in your next incarnation. What goes around comes around, so treat others how you wish to be treated, as your deeds will determine your destiny, not only in this life, but also the next. This theme is highly present in the short story Karma by Khushwant Singh, published in 1989. Other than illustrating karma as theological

  • Rita Wong Forage Poem

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    Rita Wong’s “offering” to Zhi Ma Wu, the Bygone Black Sludge of Nature Rita Wong’s Forage is powerful and unrelenting in its position against chemical harms on the environment, but this stance is not made obvious until after the poem “offering.” This delay is due to Wong’s first paying tribute to the death of the naturally grown, as represented by zhi ma wu, whilst the world progresses toward to the genetically modified. The title of “offering” and Wong’s heritage as a Chinese Canadian alludes to

  • Mountain Biking Essay

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    Mountain Biking in Garhwal Day One- Delhi to Dehradun to Mussoorie In the morning meet the executives of Peak Adventure Tour at Delhi and then catch the AC Train for Dehradun scheduled at 06:50 AM. By 12:00 Noon you will reach Dehradun. Upon arrival meet the tour guide and then transfer towards Mussoorie passing through a spectacular valley township of Dehradun. We will be having scrumptious lunch on the way. Mussoorie is exquisite hill station and is famous as a honeymoon destination for the

  • Short Essay: A Short Vacation Of North India

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    Located in the foothills of the Garhwal Himalayan ranges at an altitude of nearly 7000fts, Mussoorie gained popularity as a preferred hill station as it was most frequented by the British rulers. Discovered in the 18th century, this colonial hill station boasts of green hills, varied flora and fauna. Considered among Uttarakhand’s favourite holiday destination, Mussoorie derived its name from the berry-covered Mansur shrub found here. The cuisine and architecture of this town reflects

  • How To Getaway Places In Delhi Essay

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    10 weekend-getaway places around Delhi Besides just being the capital or the city or the infamous spot for foreign tourists, Delhi has always been that “chill” place where possibilities have no end. It’s the city that barely sleeps and gives the people a very good not to sleep with it too. It has endless supply of cool and happening spots within and around it which people prefer while they are looking to have a good time and finally take that far too long planned vacation that just wasn’t able to

  • Hotel Industry Of India Essay

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    THE HOTEL INDUSTRY IN INDIA: THE PAST AND THE PRESENT In general, a "hotel" is defined as a public establishment offering visitors against payment two basic services i.e. accommodation and catering . However, during the last few years great changes have taken place in the scope of hotel industry. During 6th century BC, hotels were known as "inns" or "dharamshalas" and were providing only food and overnight stay facilities. At that point of time the standard of an inn was quite normal with earth

  • Angry Indian Goddesses Film Analysis

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    Angry Indian Goddesses bagged People’s Choice Award at Rome Film Festival. Director Pan Nalin’s film, Angry Indian Goddesses, recently was awarded with BNL People’s Choice Award at the 10th Rome Film Festival held in Rome, Italy. The BNL Gruppo BNP Paribas presented the award. The audience selected the winner through an online voting system. The movie also received an eight-minute-long standing ovation at the festival. Earlier, the movie was also screened in the Special Presentations section

  • Chardham Visit

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    Tour to Chardham Chardham is one of the most popular pilgrimage destinations in the country. It is a shrine that is visited by several devoteed from across the globe. Pilgrims consider it to be a very holy place. You will feel like you just got a new life after visiting the four main pilgrimage sites that are situated near Himalayas in Uttarakhand. There are tons of other shrines on the way, which you can visit. Get the best camera that you have and capture the mesmerizing view of the Himalayas on

  • Two Dimensions Of Education As Initiation Theory

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    Abstract The most paramount and eminent drudge of Richard Stanley Peter’s is the “Education as Initiation” theory that dispenses the dynamic relationship between education and initiating individuals into society, as well as Peter’s & Hirst’s “Logic of Education” doctrine that fixates on the individual’s desire, knowledge and understanding in education. A brief biography of Peters is included, as well as an extensive and detailed analysis of both theories. Criticisms of the two theories will be evident

  • The Definition Of Tourism

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    Tourism is based upon the economic and social processes that are occurring in the environments of the societies where tourists originate from. Its development in destinations involves the use of physical and natural resources and will subsequently impact upon the economies, cultures and ecology of the destinations it develops in. Attempts to define tourism are made difficult because it is a highly complicated amalgam of various parts. These parts are a diverse range of factors, including the following:

  • Ruskin Bond Summary

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    has lived in London, Delhi, Channel Islands and Dehradun. He received his education in a boarding school at Shimla during the pre Independence India. Ruskin Bond, though left the country for a while, he returned in 1955 and have been residing in Mussoorie ever since. Still a bachelor, he lives happily with his adopted family. Bond has written novels, novellas, over 500 short stories, alike for children and adults. He also has received the prestigious Sahitya Akademi Award and Padma Shri for his contribution

  • Romanticism In The Romantics

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    The Romantics is a simple yet classic book, but ultimately undistinguished. It is an Indian novel that again like many others in the market, focuses on India in Western eyes. The narrator is a young Brahmin boy named Samar, who is an Indian, and the book is set therefore in India. Apart from the main protagonist i.e. Samar, there are many of the other characters, who are Westerners. As per the requirement of the book, it is these westerners, against whom Samar measures himself throughout the plot

  • Individualism In Anita Desai's Novel

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    Introduction Anita Desai is one of the prominent voices in the modern Indian English Fiction. She introduced a new era of Psychological realism in this genre with her debut novel Cry, the Peacock in 1963. Anita Desai’s novels work out the mystery of the inner life of her characters. She repudiates all social concerns and affirms that she is interested in individuals and not in social issues. R.S Sharma refers to her “anti Fiction”. (Sharma 166) Anita Desai’s works are different

  • Indian Temple Architecture Analysis

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    IMPACT ON ARCHITECTURE AND EMERGENCE OF HILL STATIONS: India was invaded by foreigners since 1500’s. But the British had a lasting impact. The British ruled India for almost 2oo years. The roots of British rule were sowed after the battle of plassey in the year 1757. The history of the British Raj refers to the period of British rule on the Indian subcontinent between 1858 and 1947. The system of governance was instituted in 1858 when the rule of the East India Company was transferred to the Crown

  • The Jungle Book Report

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    A Book can transport you to a world of its own, away from your reality. These Books are designed to make you experience a longing to go to places all around India, and what's more, they are not even really fictional! Keep your backpacks ready with everything you need- •Rudyard Kipling The book, 'Kim' follows the story of teenage Kim, son of an Irish immigrant and ‘friend of all the world’, who travels the roads of India with his guru, an elderly Tibetan lama on a spiritual quest for a river of

  • Themes In Anita Desai's The Village By The Sea

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    Anita Desai is one of the most eminent and celebrated Indian English writers of the post-colonial era. Her contribution towards the contemporary Indian English novel remains almost unparalleled and hence her acclaim as a literary icon spreads far and wide on shores and beyond the shores. It is quite notable that she discovers new horizons in the world of fiction writing through her innovative approach with which she effectively deliberates on the burning issues in the contemporary Indian society