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  • Qualitative Multi-Level Case Study

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    in the case universities and ministry of education. Hence senior professors, university leaders, relevant office experts and heads and international students were the main data sources. Consulting policy documents and relevant literature for better grasp of the background and trends of international student mobility. The study is conducted at three levels-national, institutional and individual levels, to examine the resonance of the

  • College Tuition Cost Benefit Analysis

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    The figure demonstrates the average tuition costs of Arizona Private Universities to be roughly $16,900, $9,700 for Arizona State Universities, and $2,280 for Maricopa Community Colleges (National Center for Education Statistics [NCES])(NCES). Considering the statistics, the message is quite clear for those who wish to save. Certainly, attending community college first is a must, since

  • Characteristics Of State Bureaucracy Model

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    model is called “community of scholars” and characterized as guided by the ideal of truth finding, where quality is judged by academic criteria above all others and institutional autonomy is considered a prerequisite for the very existence of the university. Academia is a self-standing and self-governing “Republic of Science”, based on collegial approaches to organization and decision-making. Here higher education is governed by internal factors and actors, who share the same norms and objectives (Olsen

  • Cal State Fullerton Case Study

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    California State University, Fullerton is a noteworthy local college in an indispensable, thriving range that incorporates Orange County, metropolitan Los Angeles and the growing Inland Empire. The lovely, 236-section of land grounds is set in Fullerton in north Orange County, around 25 miles from downtown Los Angeles and around 21 miles from adjacent shorelines. Cal State Fullerton has more than 37,000 understudies and around 1,800 full-and low maintenance employees. The University offers 107 degree

  • University Tuition Fee

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    University tuition fees have rapidly increased since the 1970’s with the market force of supply and demand being a critical component to the rise. Experts in the field of economics would argue that the major element behind the exceeding high-rise in tuition fees is the recent appeal of higher education, insinuating that universities are driven by market forces. Market forces are the factors that impact the price and accessibility of goods and services in a market. When a variable is in high-demand

  • Private Sector Role In Higher Education Essay

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    largest in the world, after China and the States. The main governing body at the tertiary level is the University Grants Commission which enforces its standards, advises the government, and helps coordinate between the Centre and the state. Accreditation for higher learning is overseen by 12 autonomous institutions established by the University Grants Commission.In India, "University" means a University

  • Free Tuition Problem Solution Essay

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    “How does it happen that we can get a home mortgage or purchase a car with interest rates half of that being paid for student loans?... We must substantially lower interest rates on student loans. This must be a national priority" said Senator Bernie Sanders. He expresses his astonishment at the substantial growth of college tuition over the years and how these sizable costs are incomparable to similarly large costs such as a house or car. There are a number of solutions that have been presented

  • Advantages Of Fee-Pricing Strategy Of Private Universities

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    Private Universities : Since private universities are self-financing institutions, their annual revenue is mainly dependent on their fee collection strategy by offering innovative futuristic and demand based courses. Depending upon the location, infrastructure, quality, innovation, and placement service provided, private universities collect a different amount of annual course fees. Based on observation on fee collection for different courses, the fee-charging strategy of private universities can be

  • The Value Of University Education

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    common trend that the cost of university education increases as the cost of living increases. Most countries offer free education through high school, yet many question wether university education should be free as well. It is essential to ambitious students to have a university level degree, but not free of cost. These people believe that “if you are good at something, never give it for free”, since anything available for free of cost is hardly valued. Thus, if university education becomes available

  • Indiana University Thesis Statement

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    Indiana University Thesis Statement: Indiana University is one of the best places to study language in the United States. Indiana University is a multi-campus university that is located in the state of Indiana, United States. Indiana University has more than 110.000 students that are spread across its eight campuses in the different areas. One of its campuses, Indiana University Bloomington, is ranked by Forbes Magazine into the twenty best public campuses in America. One of the best colleges or

  • Essay On College Education Should Not Be Free

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    of plan to make college free. Many people disagree with a free college education, but America should make it free just as the founding fathers intended when American universities were first created because a free education does not diminish the value of education and education is a human right.

  • University Swot Analysis

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    Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats (SWOT) Matrix Strengths 1) Market leader 2) Foreign universities 3) Strong brand 4) Reasonable course fees 5) Conducive facilities 6) Experienced lecturer 7) Financial assistance Weaknesses 1) Reduce in group profit 2) Reduce in share price 3) Less advertising 4) Dependent on PTPTN 5) Decrease number of students Opportunities 1) Increase in population 2) Increase in GDP 3) Government commitment 4) Technology improvement 5) Supply of medical resources

  • Essay On Arts Education

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    Arts Education, is it Worth the Funding Over STEM? President Barack Obama said, “The future belongs to young people with an education and the imagination to create.” (In-text) The arts have many amazing benefits to students of all creeds. Countless peer-reviewed and longitudinal studies prove this statement. Of the many countless benefits, a few are, stronger cognitive development, positive psychological and mental benefits, and the ability for high-risk students to jump the educational gap. Even

  • Affirmative Action Hurts White People

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    institutions to minority students, granting them unprecedented opportunities” (Ogletree 12). Thanks to Presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson a policy that prohibits employment and education discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, and sex is offered today to those who suffer from said discriminations (A Brief History). Affirmative action has opened abundant openings for minorities, allowing the cycle of going to college to be passed down generations and provided job

  • Primary Education In The Philippines Essay

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    and universities. Filipinos came to be known as the pensionados because they government financed free education to the Filipinos. Hundreds of Filipinos was able to study in the US until 1928. As Filipino children wanted to study, they have enrolled to public and private schools. As education continue to receive from the Commonwealth, President Quezon established National Council of Education. Under the Commonwealth, the vocational courses and adult education were focused. The common national language

  • The Pros And Cons Of Free University And College Education

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    educated citizens. In recent years, the issue of making public university and college education free has hit the media with all media houses, leaders as well as citizens from different states and regions presenting their cases for and against this idea. This issue first came into the limelight during Democratic nominations last year when both candidates expressed their intentions in making higher learning in our colleges and universities free for all students. Just like most countries in the world

  • The Pros And Cons Of Ivy League Schools

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    High school senior Alexander Roman got into all eight Ivy League universities this year. But surprisingly, he turned them all down. Instead, he chose to be a freshman at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Jacobs). Moreover, this is not the only case. Ronald Nelson, who also got into all eight Ivy League universities, rejected all the offers and chose the University of Alabama (Jacobs). This must be a surprising fact since Ivy League schools have been considered as the most outstanding schools

  • Persuasive Essay On Attending College

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    Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” I hope by attending college, I make a good living, and succeed in my future career. Texas Tech University, home of the Red Raiders, it’s ranked as one of the best colleges among national universities and will prepare me to learn more about the medical field. Texas Tech is located in Lubbock, Texas where the population is more than 249,042. The address is 2500 Broadway. The requirement to get into

  • Thomas Edison's Accomplishments

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    in New Jersey, all through the nation and around the globe. A college is the thing that Thomas Edison has ended up. Thomas Edison State University gives adaptable, high caliber, university learning open doors for self-coordinated grown-ups. Reason Thomas Edison State University was set up by the State

  • Why Do Student Athletes Get Paid

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    Currently there are 460,000 student athletes in the U.S. according to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). Most of these student athletes along with many other people think that they should get paid money by the university that they are attending or by the NCAA for playing a sport for the college and making the college money in that sport. On the other hand, there are also people who think that these college/student athletes should not get paid for many reasons. Most reasons are because