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  • The Past In Sandra Cisneros The House On Mango Street

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    future better than the history of the past.” This quote can be taken much deeper, with the understanding that the past is just that, history. Of course history still affects the future today, but people focus more on moving forward rather than dwelling on the past. In Sandra Cisneros’ “The House on Mango Street” the author illustrates the idea, using her family members’ past, other residents of Mango Street, and Esperanza discovering who she is, that while the past can make up parts of a person, it does

  • Forgiveness In Mitch Albom's Tuesdays With Morrie

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    Today, people do not think too much about forgiveness, that is why many people carry emotional marks from the past that do not let them move forward. In the novel Tuesdays with Morrie written by Mitch Albom, he tells us how professor Morrie teaches him the importance of forgiving others and himself. Also, professor Morrie tells him how important is to leave the past behind, to be able to have peace. Professor Morrie was a senior man who was 78 years old and was diagnosed with a terminal disease called

  • History In Jane Yolen's Briar Rose

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    one of the main characters repeatedly tells the fairy-tale “Briar Rose” with her own twist to her grandchildren. She does this because she is trying to teach her grandchildren about her past but can only teach them through the fairy-tale as it is all that she can remember. This is how Gemma deals with her past and the pain caused from it. Also in Gemma’s version of the fairy-tale, when the prince kisses her she is the only person who awakes however in the actual fairy-tale everyone awakes. This

  • Future In Don Bailey's A Few Notes For Orpheus

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    untouchable past of our life. Relationships can be maintained if built on the foundation of strong undisputed past. Yet, if built upon the uncertainty of past they come crumbling down. Ignorance and selfishness starts to blossom in our veins. However, those relationships can still be resurrected on the shifting sands of uncertainty if we decide to reflect upon our mistake. Past can’t be altered, yet reflecting on it and making a difference in present can heal the uncertainties of past and provide

  • Gerald Jampolsky Change Your Life Analysis

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    believe that the awful past is doomed to repeat itself. When this is our belief, we find that is impossible to be happy in the present. Instead we spend our time superimposing the past upon the present.” This quote implies that by holding on to the pain from our past, it prevents us from thriving in our current lives. We have no control over the past, however, the present moment provides us with the ability to make actual changes that will dictate our future. When we perceive the past to be the directors

  • Standards Of History

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    specific social norms as we celebrate new things and the improvement of the standards of our daily lives. For example, in the past of China, wives and husbands are likely to be picked by the parents; now, people are free to choose their mates as they wish. Just as mathematics from the past has and is continuously evolving from the math created by the ancient Greeks. From the past till now, long periods have passed and the development of mathematics has been improved with new and better theories and equations

  • The Century Quilt

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    In “The Century Quilt,” the speaker appreciates her family’s cultural diversity by comparing their heritage to a colorful quilt belonging to Meema. She shifts from past to present to future, continuing the extended metaphor in different scenarios. Author Mary Nelson Waniek uses a variety of literary techniques such as structure, imagery, and tone to develop the complex meanings interpreted throughout the poem. Together, the poem is spoken through a woman who emphasizes the importance of family.

  • Death Of A Salesman American Dream Essay

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    dreams alive and although the American dream is a powerful motivator in the book, it also makes people consumed with their ambitions. Willy Loman battles with his dream of being a well-liked salesman, especially because he still reminisces over the past and can not keep up with the present. He struggles to see the reality of his distorted dream and how it alters his preconceived idea of his self worth. Arthur Miller uses the dream motif in Death of a Salesman to convey Willy Loman’s refusal to adjust

  • When Smoke Signals Indians Analysis

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    He merges past and present through seamless transitions. In the “West and West” interview, he describes these “magical cuts”, as her likes to call them, as a space where “the past, present and future are all the same” (31). These seamless transitions are achieved through framing effects that allow, for example, to feature the same character as

  • Juxtaposition In A Christmas Carol Analysis

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    each other; they use juxtaposition. Charles Dickens is one of these many writers, as is seen in A Christmas Carol. The novella begins by introducing the protagonist, Ebenezer Scrooge. He is an extremely wealthy, but selfish and gauche old man. Due to past experiences, his outlook on mankind and the world at large is jaded, and this is especially true on Christmas. While the rest of the world is preparing to celebrate he is instead reminded of everything

  • The Chrysalids Reflection

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    behaviours were unveiled towards those differences with intolerance, prejudice, ignorance, and discrimination. Similarly, it is the reflection of the world we are living in today. The novel examines the distress, and behaviours of our society in the past, present, and possibly an unpredictable future due to our current actions. Before the story begins, their society was originated after a cold nuclear war where it wiped out most of the human population. “ the

  • Analysis Of Ray Bradbury's 'Something Wicked This Way Comes'

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    Life is not solely about being in the moment, it is about accepting your past, moving on and looking towards the future when the world is turning the wrong way for your life. Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury, represents moving on away from the past without entirely blocking it out, but instead living it up. What are the consequences of dwelling in the past? Is it a difficultly reaching the future? Or is it merely just being held back from living your life to the fullest? Could it possibly

  • Chinese Postmodernity In The Great Gatsby

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    the socialist past and the illusion of the present. Here is where an additional version of Chinese postmodernism establishes itself: after the economic theorem and the historical periodization, it is the time of aesthetic practices. The horrors of the past (Maoism) and the violence of the post-Maoist regime (Tiananmen 1989) generates a general condition of alienation and disillusionment fused with a not well-defined sense of nostalgia, a sentimental retrospection over whatever past epoch, Shanghai

  • Social Values Of The Puritan Period

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    Do you wonder what life is back in the past? Is it as hard as today or harder, or maybe easier? To see a view of the past, witness the period of Puritan and how life is back then. Is the past better, or our generation already learned from them? Puritan Period covers the history of religious reform within the Anglican Church, commonly known as Church of England (Demos, 1970). It is a period widely known in history as the migration period of Separatists escaping the remnants of Roman Catholicism in

  • Similarities Between Maus And The Great Gatsby

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    central conflict is between a man and himself. Gatsby thinks that Daisy will be attracted to him because of the great wealth that he has acquired over the years. But Daisy requires more proof that Gatsby is a changed man and he no longer possesses his past character. The conflicts in the two books fully differ in the way they are represented in the two

  • Essay On Nostalgia

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    As we grow older we look back on our past because too often we do not appreciate the present to the maximum benefit while we are living. Maria Luisa B. Aguilar-Carino writes The Secret Language to express her nostalgia for her childhood. Nostalgia by definition means “a sentimental longing or wistful affection for a period in the past” (OED). In the 17th-19th century the term nostalgia was associated with “medical disease” or “bad omen” (Sedikides 2008, pg.304). Then by mid 20th century, Tim Wildschut

  • The Great Depression In Tillie Olsen's I Stand Here Ironing

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    In the short story, I Stand Here Ironing, by Tillie Olsen. Took place in “Pre-relief, pre-WPA world depression,” also known as the great depression and the second world war.The Great depression era was important to this story because emily was born during this era, and the second world war is important because this where emily stepfather went off to first. The point of view of this story is the third-person omniscient because the story only uses the narrator's thoughts or known as in the story Emily's

  • Symbolism In The Glass Of Menagerie

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    In the play “The Glass of Menagerie” by Tennessee Williams, she uses symbolism to recreate a memory about a family living in an apartment and who is struggling through the Great Depression. Laura Wingfield is one of the main protagonists who is shy and has a limp, which she wears a brace to help support it. She retreats from reality because her mother, Amanda is so rough natured. Amanda lost her husband and looks after her children. Her husband abandoned the family. She relies on her son, Tom Wingfield

  • Hardships In Billy Pilgrim's Slaughterhouse Five

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    difficulty, some minor, while some are life and death situations. There are many obstacles that Billy and other men encountered and were faced with, which were separated by every point of life: the past, the present and the future,with the future teaching Billy how to cope with these obstacles. Billy Pilgrim’s past consisted of serving the United States in the Second World War. While fighting against the Germans, Billy and several others were captured as prisoners of war. When arriving at the camp, Billy

  • Cat's Cradle: A Literary Analysis

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    we?” When this question is given thought, knowledge can be used to benefit humanity. Writer D.T. Max shows this by portraying the story of Neil Harbisson, who could not see in color before he had a cybernetic implant. This idea can be applied to the past advancements of technology, science, and medicine, which have helped humanity and can continue to. Knowledge, when used with precaution, can assist in the evolving of humanity. However, when knowledge is taken