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  • Examples Of The Past In The Great Gatsby

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    The idea of being trapped in the past in The Great Gatsby Thinking about the past is something that many people do at some time in their life, but some people are more given to it than others. Time works differently for Gatsby in the novel "The Great Gatsby ", written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. An example of being imprisoned in the past can be found in the character Jay Gatsby. He doesn't have deep thoughts about his past occurrences but instead has a strong desire to return to them. The majority

  • Examples Of Recapturing The Past In The Great Gatsby

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    Recapturing the past is a universal desire that has captivated humans for centuries. Whether it’s reminiscing one’s childhood, immersing oneself in history, or wishing for a redo, people have always been drawn to the idea of recapturing the past. Perhaps this is because the past represents a simpler time, a time when life seemed more manageable and less chaotic? F. Scott Fitzgerald’s famous novel, The Great Gatsby, discloses the consequences of being enthralled by the past as many are falsely led

  • The Past In The Piano Lesson By August Wilson

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    The past can have a high impact on someone’s life whether it’s positive or negative. In The Piano Lesson by August Wilson, the character Berniece has an unhealthy relationship with her family’s past and the legacy of slavery. Due to her ignoring it, the past haunts her. In the end, she learns that you must accept and honor the past to find peace with it. Bernience owns a piano which holds intense value to her family and their past. Berniece's brother, Boy Willie, wants to profit off of the piano

  • Romeo And Juliet Future Vs Past Essay

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    good future, It is best to look at the past, because the past shows what went wrong, as well as what went right. In a story written by an iconic writer, William Shakespeare, in his most renowned play, Romeo and Juliet; This theme of the future shows up quite a bit going up against the past; This theme is shown throughout the play, through emotions, the bonds of characters, and most importantly in the conflicts. Meaning that with all of the times future versus past is brought up, it can definitely be

  • The Past In The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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    the uncertainty of the past can be quite different. While some people strive to let go of the past and move on, others obsess over it and attempt to recreate it in the present. While some people choose to confront their past and try to learn from it, others choose to avoid it entirely. People dealing with their previous issues is a highly personal and intricate process that can have a huge impact on their present and future. F. Scott Fitzgerald examines the theme of the past and its influence on the

  • The Theme Of Past In Sandra Cisneros The House On Mango Street

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    future better than the history of the past.” This quote can be taken much deeper, with the understanding that the past is just that, history. Of course history still affects the future today, but people focus more on moving forward rather than dwelling on the past. In Sandra Cisneros’ “The House on Mango Street” the author illustrates the idea, using her family members’ past, other residents of Mango Street, and Esperanza discovering who she is, that while the past can make up parts of a person, it does

  • Analyzing The Past In James Mcbride's The Color Of Water

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    who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." Studying history is necessary for people to avoid making the same mistakes. Whether it is about a country’s glory or personal misfortune. Analyzing the past provides valuable lessons for people. They can draw wisdom and adjust their present behaviors. In the memoir, The Color of Water: A Black Man’s Tribute to His White Mother, James McBride illustrates this concept when he questions his mother Ruth about her past. At the beginning of The

  • Half-Measures Won 'T Erase The Painful Past Of Our Monuments'

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    In the article Half-Measures Won’t Erase the Painful Past of Our Monuments, by Holland Cotter, cotter describes the connotations of historical monuments from the past and how it impacts the present by using rhetorical choices such as ethos, pathos, and a neutral tone, to relate to those who have been impacted by the history and to spread more awareness about their history. The government’s actions on whether the monuments convey a positive or negative messages, is not satisfying, which is related

  • Examples Of Recreating The Past In The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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    Some may say the past is in the past, and to cherish the memories you once created. Others may say it is impossible to relive the past. However, I, Jay Gatsby, believe that it is possible to recreate the past. Things and people can get lost in the past, and the only way to retrieve them is by recreating what once was. I refuse to let the people and things I love get lost in the past, which is why an active goal of mine is to successfully recreate the past, to fulfill my ultimate goal of being with

  • How Does A Person's Past Shape Our Identity In Beloved

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    A person’s past shapes their identity and affects every part of them, including their name. Our previous experiences define us and make us who we are today. Toni Morrison demonstrates this point in her book Beloved. Throughout the book, we are told the stories of characters who are defined by their deplorable past. Sethe, Denver, and Baby Suggs are exemplifications of how their pasts have changed who they are. Their names are not only their identification, but a symbol of their past. Through this

  • Analysis Of Ray Bradbury's 'Something Wicked This Way Comes'

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    Life is not solely about being in the moment, it is about accepting your past, moving on and looking towards the future when the world is turning the wrong way for your life. Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury, represents moving on away from the past without entirely blocking it out, but instead living it up. What are the consequences of dwelling in the past? Is it a difficultly reaching the future? Or is it merely just being held back from living your life to the fullest? Could it possibly

  • Romeo And Juliet Essay Time

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    Humans and time work against each other in most aspects of life. Past can be a draining thing to continuously carry around and to have following you around like a shadow trying to haunt you. Being able to use the gift of time as wisely as you can; helps you transform your life into what you want. An attempt to change the future due to knowing and not liking the outcome. Time continues to move forward eventually ending everyone and everything in its path. Everyone wants more time even though “Time

  • Examples Of Uncertainties In Fahrenheit 451

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    “uncertainties of the past and responsibilities of the future” In the search of progess to seek a better future, humans often find themselves struggleing with the uncertainties and unresolved issues of their past. A necessary action is needed to reconcile conflicts and questions that connect the realities of new or present moments. Ray Bradbury’s novel Fahrenheit 451 illustrates this way of thought and timeless matter of thinking through a dystopian society that clings to a distorted version

  • Summary Of The Exile By Thahn Nguyen

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    concept of time to illustrate how the past, present, and future collide to shape one’s identity. Each character experiences a great identity transition that is based on reflection of their past, confusion in the present, and aspirations for their future. Thahn Nguyen employs this concept through the illustration of memories and feelings of nostalgia, flashbacks and shifting of timelines, and foreshadowing/visions into the future. Thahn Nguyen incorporates the past through imagery and visual creations

  • Essay On Nostalgia

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    As we grow older we look back on our past because too often we do not appreciate the present to the maximum benefit while we are living. Maria Luisa B. Aguilar-Carino writes The Secret Language to express her nostalgia for her childhood. Nostalgia by definition means “a sentimental longing or wistful affection for a period in the past” (OED). In the 17th-19th century the term nostalgia was associated with “medical disease” or “bad omen” (Sedikides 2008, pg.304). Then by mid 20th century, Tim Wildschut

  • Slavery In History

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    a sense of guilt, reverence, anger, sympathy and so on. Slavery holds such a position in society. It has several faces that one turns to when assessing its impact and significance. The view of slavery now is that it was the past. However, one must acknowledge that the past is only relative to the present – one needs to be here to say that something is there. It is therefore up to the amateur historian or civilian to give slavery a legacy. Some treat slavery as something that’s a part of a continuum

  • Interpreting Major Historical Events

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    analyzing our past, one can often views historical events in terms of repetitive cycles and patterns. When reflecting major historical events, one can notice how those patterns and specific events can mirror ones which have occurred earlier. The theory of History repeating is as old as history itself, and is based on the need for humans to analyze their world in terms of these repetitive cycles and patterns. George Santayana, the renowned philosopher, once said, “Those who don’t remember the past are condemned

  • The Black Walnut Tree 'And Everyday Use' By Alice Walker

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    someone uses the word heritage, you come to think about your ancestors and how they lived differently from us now. However, not many people cherish this as the word just slides into one ear and out the other. Cultural heritage objects that resemble our past are extremely important to collect and understand how they relate to your family. In both life and literature, heritage can be greatly diverse, however, all cultural heritage is important including the objects that carry it and should be protected

  • Adversity In Touching Spirit Bear

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    not to shroud oneself in the world of the past. Every moment, humans have a chance to uproot their current way of life and evolve. Changing one’s routines is quite important and arguably compulsory to live a productive life. In brief, change as a concept is vital to humans. It is not merely a word but a mindset. In the book, Touching Spirit Bear, Cole Matthews, a troubled fifteen year old boy, goes through many changes in a short period of time. In his past, Cole was beaten by his abusive father and

  • Book Report On Unbroken By Laura Hillenbrand

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    People say that a person’s past depicts their future. The good times can make a person optimistic in future times of worry or sadness. The bad times can make a person stronger or grateful of what they have no matter how little in future bad times. This can be seen by Louie Zamperini in the novel Unbroken. Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand, follows the life of Louie Zamperini during his career as an olympic runner and also as a prisoner of war during World War II. In the novel, Louie Zamperini experiences