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  • Book Report On The Alchemist By Paulo Coelho

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    The Alchemist is a very well written and intriguing book by Paulo Coelho. It is a story about a young shepherd known as Santiago who abandons his live in Spain and embarks on a journey to Egypt, during his journey for treasure hunt he faces many obstacles. Making several different stops he realizes truth about himself, the world, and the kingdom of god which are interrelated in the story. Paulo uses the characters of The King Salem, The Crystal merchant, the Alchemist and Fatima to explore the theme

  • What Is The Personal Legend In The Alchemist

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    In the book The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, Santiago discovers his personal legend in a recurring dream, where a little boy shows treasures in Egypt and pursues him to go to the pyramids and look for them. Even though Santiago knows that this will be a tough journey since the beginning of his trip, he insisted in following his dream by overcoming test after test in the journey. Using specific demonstration of the helpers throughout the trip, Coelho successfully exemplifies that following one’s Personal

  • Personal Journey In The Alchemist

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    The book The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is about a boy named Santiago and his journey to achieve his personal legend. Santiago meets many people during his journey including a palm reader, old man, thief, crystal merchant, girl, and an alchemist. As he travels to achieve on his journey he has to overcome many obstacles and travel a great distance. As he meets people and overcomes obstacles he learns things that he need to learn to achieve his personal legend. Paulo Coelho uses the charters Santiago

  • Who Is Santiago's Journey In The Alchemist

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    “Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure.” Paulo Coelho. Within The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, Santiago, the protagonist goes on an adventure with a specific goal, and while this goal may be important, the story reveals the truth of Le Guin's statement that in the end it’s the journey that matters the most. After reading The Alchemist and consulting Campbell's Monomyth, while most may believe that the call to adventure was the most important part of Santiago’s journey

  • The Themes Of Symbols In Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist

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    Paulo Coelho, the author of The Alchemist tells the story of Santiago a Shepard whose life changes once he finds out about a treasure from his frequent dreams and meets a strange man who helps him to start his personal legend. On Santiago’s journey he starts to see the hidden meanings behind daily life creating the thesis that through seeing and understanding symbols behind the world people can learn about their own personal legend and live life to the fullest. Santiago’s life starts out all

  • Characters In The Alchemist

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    The Alchemist is a novel by Brazilian author Paulo Coelho which was written in 1988 AD. Frist it was written in Portuguese language then it became an bestseller worldwide.Then it was translated into 70 languages worldwide. A teo levels of meaninf novel, The Alchemist ia about a Andalusian shepherd on his journey to Egypt, after having a recurring dream of finding treasure in Egypt.The characters of this novel are Te Alchemist himself,Santiafo,The crystal merchant,Melchixedek,the english men

  • Identity In The Alchemist

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    not know much in the way of their identity. The challenges can help people learn about themselves through the actions they take and what they can achieve in the face of adversity. Learning about your identity is represented quite well by Santiago in Paulo Coelho’s fantasy novel The Alchemist. The the start of the story Santiago is lost with no goal in life and has little knowledge of what it outside of the plains and towns of Spain. Then Santiago is faced with massive amounts of adversity in the form

  • Personal Legend In The Alchemist

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    The main character in ‘The Alchemist,” Santiago is a boy who was set off to follow his “personal legend” as said in the novel. A personal legend is a person 's goal to attain a dream also known as a destiny. Throughout the novel Santiago, the boy was in search of his destiny through a long journey to make his dreams of seeing the world come true. The sole purpose to navigate through his journey from dreams to reality was to achieve his destiny, in order for it to occur he had to change his routine

  • Analysis Of The Alchemist By Paulo Coelho

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    The Alchemist, a fable about following your dream, Paulo Coelho in his selected work The Alchemist, works on the concept of self-exploration. The Alchemist is a novel by Brazilian author Paulo Coelho which throws light on how a person will power, determination, positive attitude, sacrifices lead to his destination or his dream. The Alchemist was first published in 1988; this novel was a great achievement for Paulo Coelho. Originally it was write in Portugess, than it got translated into 72 languages

  • Personal Legend In The Alchemist, By Paulo Coelho

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    The novel The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is about a young boy named Santiago who is trying to pursue his personal legend. Along the way he meets many people, sees many omens and faces many challenges. He has to discover the language of the world to be able to find his treasure, but little does he know the treasure is no ordinary thing. Sure, there was a chest of gold coins but he also gained knowledge of the soul of the world. Paulo Coleho uses characters including the crystal merchant, the gypsy

  • Self Doubt In The Alchemist

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    Introduction The Alchemist is a novel by Brazillian author Paulo Coelho which throws light on how a person 's will power ,dreams and sacrifises leads him to his dreams or his chosen paradise. If a person desires something how the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream ,this can be seen through the story of Santiago ,a shepherd who believes his reccuring dream to be prophetic. The story revolves around a boy who in search of treasure finds the true meaning of life and discovers

  • How To Write An Essay On The Alchemist

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    Zanele Nxamagele Book review   The Alchemist Paulo Coelho Summary Santiago, a shepherd from Andalusia, keeps having the same recurring dream about a child who tells him to go find the hidden treasure which is situated at the base of the Pyramids in Egypt. Santiago goes and enquires to an old woman, who is actually a Gypsy, about this dream, and she tells him to go to Egypt, but in return would like a tenth of his treasure. Santiago feels dubious about this information since he quite enjoys

  • Who Is Santiago Melchizedenek In The Alchemist

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    Santiago, Melchizedek, the Englishman, and the Alchemist himself play a very big role in the novel, “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho. Santiago begins to have a reoccurring dream about going after his personal legend and going to the pyramids to find treasure. He goes to a gypsy to help interpret his dream more in depth. As she convinces him to follow his personal legend he meets an old man by the name of Melchizedek who is the king of Salem and pushes him to go after his dream and also gives him two

  • Reflection Of The Alchemist By Paulo Coelho

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    The book The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is a fantasy volume that explores complex and interesting facets of human life and the human experience through the journey of a young boy named Santiago. Santiago is told by a Gypsy that he must travel to find treasure at the Pyramids of Egypt. While on his trip he discoveres many things and in the end learns what it is that he truly seeks. There are many themes in The Alchemist including that theme that all things are connected in some way. In the first

  • Relationships In The Alchemist

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    of the importance of relationships is further explored in Paulo Coelho's novel, The Alchemist. The novel revolves around a young shepherd boy named Santiago and the journey he makes from his homeland in Spain to the egyptian pyramids, where his seemingly treasure is buried. Along the way, Santiago encounters a king, a crystal merchant, and an Alchemist, which all support and direct Santiago in the direction of his personal legend. Coelho suggests,

  • Why Is Santiago Important In The Alchemist

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    In the novel ‘’The Alchemist’’ written by Paulo Coelho an interesting story with many characters such as Santiago a shepard from andalusian, the Englishman a person with experience, The merchant (gives Santiago a job after being robbed, melchizedek (The king) of salem, and Fatima a beautiful girl from the oasis with a touch of true love. In the place ‘’Call to Adventure’’ novel introduces Santiago starting out with coins as his first step given from his father. In the quote ‘’People learn, early

  • Santiago The Alchemist Short Story

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    hole at the base of the tree where he had had his first dream. Sure enough, he finds a trunk full of gold–enough for him and Fatima to live happily for a long time. Favourite part of the story: I finally got round to reading ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho and I loved it. It’s a book about a shepherd boy from Spain who travels the world in search of a treasure. It’s a story about life and following your dreams and it it’s just magical .The best parts I found are.. It’s the possibility of having

  • Analysis Of The Alchemist By Paulo Coelho

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    Brazilian-born author by the name of Paulo Coelho. He wrote the best-selling novel, The Alchemist sold 65 million copies and is the most translated book in the world by a living author. It has been translated in 56 languages as of September 2012. It was a fiction book and was published on 1988. The original publisher was a small Brazilian publishing house; The Brazilian Publishing Company “Rocco” was the first large publisher to print the book. The American Publisher HarperOne. Coelho wrote The Alchemist in only

  • The Monomyth In The Alchemist, By Paulo Coelho

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    The Alchemist is a wonderful fiction novel by Paulo Coelho. The novella, published in 1988, is a huge success, selling over 150 million copies and making it to the top charts. (addicted2success) . Coelho succeeds in delivering his message smoothly and innovatively throughout the story; one should forever live to pursue his personal legend and never give up on his dream. (Coelho). The monomyth applies to the main character of the novella, Santiago, a young Shepard with enough passion and will to uncover

  • The Alchemist Paulo Coelho Essay

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    First Draft The novel “THE ALCHEMIST” is Paulo Coelho’s one of the most renowned work through which his career got heights . This novel belongs to the genre of self improvement . His books deals with the various stages that a human face be it love , fragmentation or omens . Moreover , he experiences life deeply , his notions are somewhat similar to every human but he never ignores them and applies them to his works. According