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    Contextual Project: Research in Nursing Programme BSN to MSN Name Block: BMN004 Student Name: Iqra Yasin Application No: 12908 Due Date 25-06-2015 1. Content List 2. Introduction of Contextual project 3. 10 Concept of Contextual Project 4. References 5. Plagiarism Test Serial No Topic of Contents 01. Nursing Research: 1.1: Personal Context 1.2: Social Context 1.3: Application in current job 1.4: Current research 02. Quantitative Research : 2.1: Personal Context 2.2: Social Context 2.3:

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    Problem Identification Income inequality has been said to be the main cause of the declining middle class. Many concerns exist regarding the change of pattern in the distribution of income; families that once were in the middle of the distribution have shifter upward and downwards. Economist Kuttner, Author of The Economic Illusion, argued that this shift in pattern began as well-paying jobs in the manufacturing industry and lack of unionization in growing sectors declined. Another contributing

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