Ramón Grau Essays

  • Causes Of Fidel Castro's Rise To Power

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    Fidel Castro’s rise to power involves different factors but historians disagree concerning which one is directly responsible for Castro’s being in power. However, the factors leading to Castro’s rise to power are separated four ideas. Firstly, Batista’s government played a huge role along with the United States of America. Secondly, Cuba’s economic situation and thirdly the Cuban revolution (1953-1952) which revealed Fidel Castro as a revolutionary and war hero. Lastly, Castro’s ideology, even though

  • Redemption In Shirley Ann Grau's Fences

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    in the face of the sins of the fathers. In his play Fences, August Wilson shows to the reader how a person can redeem himself if he is able to embrace both the evil and good of the man and find forgiveness of the father’s sins. However, Shirley Ann Grau presents that a person cannot redeem itself once the sins happen and the characters are stuck in the cycle of vengeance due to their unyielding characteristics. Throughout his play Fences, August Wilson presents characters who are stuck in the cycle