Reflection Essays

  • Service Learning Reflection Report

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    unique service and the group members are from at least two different departments. In this reflective journal, I will first describe and express my feelings toward the whole learning process in this subject then the following will be my evaluation and reflection towards this whole learning process. Among this subject, I will choose several remarkable gains to elaborate in depth. At the beginning of this subject, we are divided into groups and my group consist of eight people which five of them belong to

  • Gibbs Model Of Reflection In Nursing

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    back on our experiences and I have chosen to reflect on the skill of taking and documenting blood pressure. In my assignment I will use Gibbs’ model of reflection (1988) as a framework to guide my writing, because I feel this model best helps me to think back on my practical performance in the lab. According to Chauhun and Nobel (2009) reflection allows the healthcare worker to refer back to an event and analyse their thinking processes and method in order to gain a new

  • Theories Of Reflective Practice

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    Reflective practice is simply the process of reflecting on something you have done or a task you have undertaken, looking at it from different perspectives and seeing if you could make any positive changes. There are several theories on reflection, Donald Schön theory presented

  • Rhetorical Devices In The Walking Dead

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    Part I: Rhetorical Device - Identify a Rhetorical Device the author uses in his writing. Cite from the text (including paragraph #). The author of this piece, Jeremy Egner, voices his opinion countless times throughout the entirety of the article. Therefore, a rhetorical device noticeably evident is opinion. An opinion is a conclusion based on facts or judgements. An example of this device in the article is within paragraph 9 as Egner states, “I saw no compelling reason the cliffhanger device was

  • Professional Development In Teacher Education

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    In professional development teachers are treated as active learners (Lieberman, 1994; McLaughlin and Zarrow, 2001), these learners are engaged in the concrete tasks of teaching, assessment, observation and reflection (Dadds, 2001; King and Newmann, 2000; Darling-Hammond and McLaughlin, 1995). The process of professional development is perceived as a long term process during which teachers learn over time that will result in acquiring more new experiences that allow them to be more effective through

  • Passion Flowers With Three Hummingbirds Analysis

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    Before going to the San Antonio Museum of Art, time was spent searching their website to get an idea of the paintings displayed. One stood out to me online, however it wasn’t until seeing it in person the magnitude of the true beauty of the painting. Martin Johnson Heade’s, Passion Flowers with Three Hummingbirds, exudes something special to visualize not only for its bright floral colors, but the heart of the painting is the three hummingbirds in their natural element. Nature and wildlife has always

  • Situated Learning Theory

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    Learning Theory by David Kolb and Situated Learning Theory which was theorized by Lave and Wenger. Experiential learning occurs by making sense of direct everyday experiences. Concrete experiences provide the information that serves as a basis for reflection. On the other hand, Situated Learning Theory is learning in the same contexts in which concepts and theories are applied. Research has shown that real-life applied activities and problem-solving activities establish a contextual setting for many

  • Contemporary Teachers Role

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    Introduction In education, professionalism is getting more important. The importance of contemporary teacher role is demanding in the societies. Hargreaves (2000) explained that the four ages of professionalism and it should be the quality and standards of practice. Teaching is the only way to change the societies that teacher should help students to develop on the right track (Morris, 2008). Beforehand, Miss Wong, Mr. Tam and Mr. Chan, three current teachers who were represent from Music, Visual

  • The Perception Of Power In George Orwell's Shooting An Elephant

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    In “Shooting an Elephant” by George Orwell, the author writes about his experience with dealing a rampant elephant in British Colonial Burma. Privilege is usually viewed as a positive attribute, however Orwell explores all of the negatives that privileges can bring, which can be applied to modern day social expectations and politics. In order to highlight its effects on a personal and a widespread level, he uses the rhetorical device of figurative language. The figurative language__________ Throughout

  • Imagery In Quiñone's Apophenia

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    The word “Apophenia” means, the spontaneous perception of connections and meaningfulness of unrelated phenomena. Quiñones reveals disturbing truths about intimate relationships through imagery, episodic line breaks, and emotional undercurrents. The result is an unsettling poem on the realities of a toxic intimate relationship. The use of first person in Apophenia gives an intimate perspective into the life of the main character. The speaker shares vulnerable revelations that reveal the disturbing

  • Symbolism In A Grain Of Wheat

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    INTRODUCTION A symbol is a rock dropped into a pool: it sends out ripples in all directions, and the ripples are in mot ------ John Ciardi, in Kennedy and Gioia (2007:238). Ciardi’s standpoint above not only encapsulates what a literary symbol denotes but also its multiple functions in literature. The metaphor ‘rock’ delineates the conspicuous disposition of symbol, as well as its inherent literary power. The ‘ripples’ or avalanche of significations are the direct result of its presence within

  • Personal Narrative Essay: Taking A Trip To Mexico

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    Over the Border Every year my family decides what to do for the holidays and where to go. Most of the time I have no say in it because my uncles insist on visiting or they invite us over. It doesn’t help that all of my family lives in Texas, California, and Mexico. This year has been the first time that we have spent Christmas and New Years here at home with just my family in a long time. Last year we took a long trip to Chihuahua, Mexico which is the biggest part/state of Mexico where my mother

  • Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT)

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    The following assignment will consist of two sections.In Section A the student will discuss solutions focused brief therapy, concentrating on the theoretical principles. An overview will be provided on the history and background of solution focused brief therapy. The basic assumptions that are so unique to this therapeutic approach will be highlighted. The central constructs namely exceptions, change talk, solutions and strengths and resources will be explained.Goals and outcomes are what solution

  • Personal Narrative: My First Day Of Middle School

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    First Day of Middle School I was trudging to school on a crisp summer day. I had lazily wriggled myself out of bed about a half an hour ago. It was my first day of school at Sartell Middle School and I was shaking in my shoes I was so nervous. I was a 7th grader and had just switched schools to Sartell. My previous school was much smaller than Sartell was. I had no idea what to expect, all I knew was that I better not forget my locker combination and had better remember where my Student Advisory

  • Reflective Feedback

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    The review of literature explores in depth the purpose of feedback, the concept of directive feedback and its significant values in writing. The types and effectiveness of feedback in writing is the central focus of this research. While some teachers may feel discouraged as students seem to ignore their feedback (Hairston, 1986), while other teachers think that their feedback is useful (Leki, 1991). However, students may sometimes feel frustrated and confused when reading their teacher’s recommendations

  • Reflective Practice In Teaching

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    and perception. Reflection-in-Action The Reflective Practitioner of Schon (1983), reflection can be seen in two time frames. Reflection can occur during the action. Frequently, practitioners have reflective conversations

  • Michelangelo Pistoletto's On This Side Of The Mirror

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    reflects the present, but the images belong to the place and time of their making. The viewers approaching the mirror with their own history and story from the past and encountering a different past of the image. But the present is fleeting: no reflection at every instant ever repeats. But the transience is forever part of the picture. 4. Create a new spatial dimension Juan Antonio Ramirez, in his essay “On This Side of the Mirror”, mentions the special hanging requirement by Pistoletto. Unlike

  • Reflectiveness In 'The Bass, The River, And Sheila Mant'

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    Essay In 8th grade, I was a jerk to my teachers, I didn’t get good grades and overall I wasn’t a good student. I look back on this every so often and always makes me not want to go back to that way of doing things. The reflection back to this time shows how I look back and fix things. The character clay Jensen in Thirteen Reasons Why and the narrator in “The Bass, The River, and Sheila Mant” both show reflectiveness in their lives and the big events explained through the narrator saying there

  • Essay On Identity And Diversity

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    with others. And then we have to face the ethical challenges steaming from being global citizens while at the same time trying to respond to our own our local context and realities. Ethics is about relationships; it is about fostering critical reflections to help nurture human values and build a sense of community. It is about being able to respond actively to those challenges, injustices and violence and helping restore and transform broken relationships. It is not about defining who is right or

  • Montag Character

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    demonstrate who we really are and discover our true potential. Our character is a reflection of the moral and mental qualities that make us distinctive to everybody else. In the book Fahrenheit 405 the main character Montag has to face many obscure