Reinaldo Arenas Essays

  • The Glass Tower Character Analysis

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    In “The Glass Tower” by Reinaldo Arenas, Alfredo, the main character, escapes his native country and currently lives in Miami. He is a writer that tirelessly goes to endless parties in his honor while being unable to write a story involving characters that are begging to be written down. Alfredo attends a big party where his characters, floating in his head, appear to come alive and do as they please. Alfredo’s identity is shown to be lacking and ungenuine due to his struggle to express his thoughts

  • Mario Lemieux Quotes

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    Mario Lemieux: Selfless Hero He signs. He steps on the ice. He shoots. He scores! Mario Lemieux, a selfless hero, surely knows how to leave a lasting first impression on the hockey fans of Pittsburgh by being one of the only people to score on his first shift of his first game his first time in the NHL. His success is just beginning, however, because Mario does not just get the nickname “Super Mario” for nothing! Mario Lemieux persisted through injuries to inspire young children, donated to charities

  • Why Holden Caulfield Is Such A Memorable Character

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    Why Holden Caulfield is Such a memorable Character Holden Caulfield may have a rough outlook on life but there are many things in his life that are dear to him. Holden’s red hunting hat, his sister Phoebe and the Museum of Natural History are some major examples. There are a couple of other things that meant a lot to him like the ducks in the park, his deceased brother Allie, and Jane Gallagher. These things not only help the reader get an understanding of what kind of person Holden Caulfield is

  • Cuban American Culture

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    My Country, the United Sates and its Similarities Since 1492, the year when Cuba was discovered by Christopher Columbus, the largest island in the Caribbean has been a cultural treasure. Cuba is known for its cultural diversity introduced for Africans, Spanish, Frances and Asian influences. The island has produced famous known personalities in many different areas like fine arts, film, ballet, modern dance and theatre. Cuban music must be mentioned because it’s natural and unique rhythms as