Second Coming of Christ Essays

  • Elements Of Modernism In Mad Men

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    “MAD MEN” AND THE WASTE LAND AS MODERNIST TEXTS The twentieth century is characterized by the significant changes in the society, which has affected all the domains of the people’s lives, including the world of art. It was the time when the modernist movement became the first topic of discussions by many critics. Modernism tended to break the usual patterns of the ways of thinking, offering new approaches to the regular subjects and demonstrated the rapid pace of the social transformation. This movement

  • Comparing Eliot's Poems 'Marina And Gerontion'

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    His autopsy of religion most clearly begins in the line “In the juvenescence of the year / Came Christ the tiger” (Eliot 19). Juvenescence is often interpreted as meaning Easter or Christmas; it is the sign of new life. This “juvenescence of the year bring[s] about “...Christ the tiger” (Eliot 21). Using the word tiger is to describe Christ echoes the poem “The Tyger” by Blake, the description of Christ as a tiger evoke a sense of terror as well beauty. In Blake’s poem, he is hinting that perhaps

  • Examples Of Rebellion In Catcher In The Rye

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    Holden’s rebellious nature is a result of his desperate attempt to stay out of a phony adult society, but it ends up being a crucial factor in his coming of age process. Wearing his red hunting hat Holden attempts to stand out in the adult world, but it is also crucial being protecting him when he is vulnerable. Holden purchased the hat in New York “just after [he] noticed [he] lost all the goddam

  • Martian Abroad Character Analysis

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    Martians Abroad, A Coming of Age Novel Martians Abroad is a unique coming of age story, set hundreds of years in the future, when interplanetary travel is common place. The protagonist of Martians Abroad, is Polly who experiences both typical and unique themes in the coming of age genre. At the beginning of the novel, Polly is shipped from her home on Mars, to a large earth academy. At this academy, Polly experiences typical coming of age themes in romance, interfering mothers, bullies, and school

  • Essay On Religion In Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart

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    Religion in Things Fall Apart Religion is the belief in a greater power, which shapes the way someone lives their life. Religion can bring people together, or it can pull them apart. The novel Things Fall Apart, a work by Chinua Achebe, is about a man named Okonkwo and how he and his village deal with the colonization of Christianity. In the end, it pulled Okonkwo away from his people, leading him to his death. Not only did Okonkwo face the new idea of Christianity, but so did Chinua Achebe. During

  • Okonkwo Internal Conflict Analysis

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    Things fall apart is a tragedy novel written by Chinua Achebe. Okonkwo, who is the protagonist of the novel and one of the most powerful men in the Ibo tribe often resorts to violence to make his points understood. Down in his heart, Okonkwo is not a cruel man, but his life is dominated by his internal conflict, the fear of failure and of weakness. He hated his father, Unoka, because he was a lazy debtor. Okonkwo made it a point in his life to set himself apart from his father by being well known

  • Analysis Of Robert Plack's An Echo Sonnet

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    Death is the ultimate unknown, will it bring sorrow or a feeling of fulfillment? This quandary of humanity is explored thoroughly in the poem “An Echo Sonnet” by Robert Plack. It details a speaker conflicted about his interest to continue living, since both options present a mystery in what they will bring to him. This internal dilemma is constructed through multiple literary devices that function to connect emotions of despair to the poem’s focus.. Specifically, the poem’s _________, ________,

  • Rape Of Proserpina

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    The Rape of Proserpina from Ted Hughes’ Tales from Ovid recounts the myth of Pluto, god of the Underworld, who abducts Proserpina, daughter of Ceres, and brings her to the Underworld to live with him. Through this story, the speaking voice that narrates the poem explains that change is a painful but necessary and natural aspect of life by illustrating that stillness is by contrast impossible and unnatural. The speaking voice then illustrates the inevitability of change by comparing it to rape throughout

  • Billy Graham On The Rapture

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    Christian superstar and a preacher. His views on the Rapture were “There were many Christians who believe that the second coming of Jesus Christ will be in two phases. First he will come for the believers, both living and dead, in the “rapture”; read 1 Thessalonians 4:13-17. In this view, the rapture which is the transformation and catching up of all Christians dead or alive, to meet Christ in the air, will be secret for it will be unknown to the world of unbelievers at the time of its happening.” He

  • Pros And Cons Of The Rapture

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    rapture that some believe in is not where Christ will take the church. They believe it is the death of those who are taken and the left behind are those who will enter into the Tribulation as the church. The important differences between the rapture and second coming are as follows: 1) At the rapture believers meet the Lord in the air (1 Thessalonians 4:17). At the second coming, believers return with the Lord to the earth (Revelation 19:14). 2) The second coming occurs after the great and terrible tribulation

  • Essay On Rapture

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    RAPTURE: How to get prepared for the Second Coming. Rapture is a “designed technology” by God to airlift the Christians to meet Jesus - an escape route from deadly tribulation. Rapture is derived from the Latin word ‘raptus’ and it means: “a carrying off”. There are different teachings about the rapture and its timing. The pre-tribulation, during-tribulation and post-tribulation doctrines are causing a lot of confusion. I am not introducing a new teaching about the rapture, but I want to show you

  • Letters To Thessalonica Analysis

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    spent little time in Thessalonica during his second mission, possibly a few weeks to a few months, he displayed a “parental love” toward this new church. The Jewish ideologues that infected the congregation, and strongly opposed the teachings of Paul after his departure, almost destroyed what he and Timothy had put in place. It is possible that men who rose up against Paul and the new church

  • Premillenial Is Wrong Summary

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    view This view is wrong because it emphasizes the ideal of taking prophetic literature symbolically, for instance, they hold that the dead in Christ are right now reigning with Christ meaning there are in the millennium right now. The reign of Christ is not bodily but spiritually. Henry A. Virkler observes that this view holds that “ During this time Christ rules symbolically in human hearts” . The problem with this is that it overlooks a lot of rules of interpretation. It does not take a large spectrum

  • Harris Letter To Corinthians

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    argues several points about Paul had an “encounter with death” while he was in Asia. And this encounter changed his understanding of his death and the coming of Christ. Before this, Paul would see himself living until the coming of Christ. But because of this brush with death Paul recognized that he was not going to survive until the coming of Christ. Paul is then expressing that change of belief in this passage (Harris 174 – 184). It is important for us to notes that Paul is not writing out a systematic

  • Essay On The Last Judgement By Michelangelo

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    “The Last Judgement” fresco by Michelangelo started its creation in 1536 A.D and completed in 1541 A.D. “The Last Judgement” depicts the second coming of Jesus Christ and contains many biblical figures and references (Dr. Esperanca Camara/ Khan Academy). “The Last Judgement” portrays those that are blessed are saved from damnation; however, those less fortunate live for eternity in hell. The significance of preserving the fresco is that Michelangelo is one of the most prominent painters of the era

  • Mark Jones Antinomianism Analysis

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    the first coming of Christ. Regarding these problematic understanding, Jones suggests a solution for Antinomianism, that is concentrating on the real meaning of Christology; in other words, to rediscover and redefine the person and work

  • The Great Tribulation In The Book Of Revelation

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    Every believer must pray not to face the horrors of the great tribulation because no one will be able to stand in the day of God’s anger. Chap 19 – marriage supper of the Lamb and the second coming of Christ Chapter 19 describes the marriage supper of the Lamb which takes place just before the second coming of Christ to the earth. There will be tribulation saints who will be killed during the great tribulation, and it does make sense that all the saints are complete in heaven before the marriage supper

  • Paul's First Letter To Thessalonians Analysis

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    written after Paul’s death? The second letter to the church at Thessolonica has Paul giving comfort to the church to alleviate the concern and worry they had over the second coming. In the first letter, he focused more on the gathering of the church that would occur upon Jesus’ return. He approaches it from the perspective of being a glorious occasion and a time for celebration. In the second letter he writes, “Now, brethren, concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our gathering together to

  • Imperialism In Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart

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    of British imperialism and fall of traditional African culture in Nigeria around the turn of the 19th century. The book also relates to the poem The Second Coming written by W.B Yeats depicting the fall of global civilization prior to the second coming of Christ. In this case, the book depicts the fall of traditional African culture prior to the coming of imperialism and Western Civilization. The title of the book Things Fall Apart alludes to the theme of Imperialism and like in the poem relates to

  • Ephesians And Colossians Summary

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    the evil body. Some also taught of celestial and constellation worship and philosophies of men. (Tokunboh Adeyemo: 2005:1155: Paul explains how believers’ faith is rooted in Christ and how Christ overcame the devil and triumphed on the cross. Believers in Ephesus are reminded how Christ broke the dividing wall of separation and reconciled man with God. The apostle Paul also talks about the