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    The Romantic period believed that emotion was a form of intelligence, and art was a path to transcendence. As a result of the change in beliefs, Romantic poetry is often characterized by nature, imagination, memory, and wisdom. Imagination acts as a source of creativity, and allows us to see what is not immediately apparent. The Romantics believed that we could discover the imagination in nature, which often resulted in a harmony of the two. However, there are times when nature and imagination are

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    California History: Mission Santa Clara De Asis When looking at present day America it is difficult to picture what is was like just a few hundred years ago, it is hard to believe that such a vast amount of land could change as drastically as it did in such a short amount of time. This huge change that America went through was caused by the colonization of the multiple European empires. When it came to the colonization of the ‘new world’ and the assimilation of its native people, one of the most

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    Migration, with the shifting of cultural borders that it engenders, is a defining feature of the contemporary world. It has therefore appropriately become, in the words of Edward Said “a potent, even enriching, motif of modern culture” as the exile, conscious that homes are ephemeral, “cross borders, break barriers of thought and experience” (qtd. in Chambers 2). Salman Rushdie is also certain that migrancy is a dominant trope of our time. According to him, migrants are new categories of individuals:

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