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  • The Vietnam War: The War In Vietnam

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    The Vietnam War The war in Vietnam was the United States ' longest war and certainly one of the most contentious. The fighting between the United States and the government of South Vietnam on one side and North Vietnam and the Viet Cong (VC) on the other lasted from the mid-1950s until the mid-1970s and spread into Laos and Cambodia, the two other countries of Southeast Asia. The United States first became significantly involved in Vietnam in 1950, when it began supporting France monetarily in the

  • War In Ehrenreich's The Ecstasy Of War

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    War is defined as “[a] state of usually open and declared armed hostile conflict” (“War”). War existed throughout the history of mankind, and left its footprints deep within our society. Even though, we do not know what war truly is. We may assume that war is a complex matter that derives us to think and analyze its true meanings and values. It raises the question of ‘What causes war?’ In Ehrenreich’s writing “The Ecstasy of War” she answers that war is too complex to say it is based on a single

  • The Vietnam War: The Forgotten War

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    was a state of political and military tension after World War ll that caused a global conflict. It was known as the Cold War, fought between powers in the United States and their allies and powers in the Soviet Union; also known as Russia, and its allies. Along with this major history changing event, were many other events such as the Space Race, the Vietnam war, and the Korean War. The Korean War had become known as the “The Forgotten War” due to it being overshadowed by the more immediate memories

  • Vietnam War Vs Cold War

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    The Vietnam War The end of WWII didn’t end all conflicts around the world. There were many arguments and grudges afterwards, and some were between allies through WWII. The Cold War was one of these. It started right after WWII between some of the only countries that still had power: the U.S. and the Soviet Union, or the USSR. They had resources, people, money, and power while Europe was greatly damaged. The whole conflict started with the Soviet Union being communist and the U.S. being capitalist

  • The Korean War: The Cold War

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    Cold War? Why was it called the Cold War? Why is the Korean War called “ the forgotten war”,or “a police action”? The Cold War started in 1947. It was called the Cold War because there was no fighting, just threats. The Korean War was never considered a War. “ was one of the most bitterly fought conflicts in American Military History” says Don Lawson, Author of The United States in the Korean War. What the Korean War was was a fight between Communism and Democracy. In many ways this war was the

  • The Casualties Of War

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    Understanding war Throughout human history, human nature has led to conflicts. Disagreements, no matter the size, have been leading human into war. In time of war, bloods are shed and chaos roams on the battlefield. However, after it ends, the consequence can be seen; the destruction of constructions and lives. Casualties of war can be less than a hundred or more than sixty millions (Golingai) (White). These are the reasons why people perceive war as gory, uncontrollable and ruinous. Nevertheless

  • Disadvantages Of War

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    To the innocent adolescent soldiers who faced shell shock all throughout the first world war to the homeless veterans on the streets today. You may think that war does not hold any positive attributes. Our first instinct when we hear war is to think of bloodshed, hostility and destruction. Although these words express the negative sides to war. I am going to decipher the positive benefits of war and show you how it has benefited us greatly in our everyday lives and where we would be without it. There

  • Echo Of War

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    Echo of Battle: The Army’s way of War The Echo of Battle: The Army’s way of War, by Brian McCallister Linn; is an informative book that gives understanding on how war has defined the United States, whether it’s the Gettysburg, Iraq or the invisible battle that the military is fighting. United States favorite approach is through weapons and not much skills. However, it also explains that once weapons become silent or when there aren’t as many victories during war, the developing of new strategies

  • Destruction Of War

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    War obliterates not only the minds and bodies of soldiers involved, but a multitude of aspects of the societies from whence they came. It is incredibly naive to think that such battles that took place during the great wars, or any other large conflict, could only limit their destruction to the grounds on which they took place. Works such as A Tale of Two Cities, All Quiet on the Western Front, and The Book Thief, cannot emphasise this scale of devastation that war is able to achieve to a greater

  • Compare And Contrast War And War Song

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    pSacha Vinciguerra 4/10/15 9R1 English Mr. Nurick War Song O.A.R/Hero of War Rise Against Compare/Contrast O.A.R’s War song and Rise Against’s Hero of War are two very controversial songs about war. War song talks about the cataclysm of war and their wrongdoings as well as their futile purpose. Contentiously, Hero of War describes the heroism portrayed by the people back in their distinct country towards the war veterans. When Rise Against say “A hero of war, yeah that’s what I’ll be”, they are saying

  • War In The Iliad

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    most famous, and one of the most breathtaking story about men during a period of war. You might begin to get addicted to mythology after reading this poem. Homer does a good job to show war in such a different way and to actually keep it fun and interesting. The theory and question for war is serious, because the phrase war does not show a lot about any specific fiction. After all, war, specifically the Trojan War can be to show an amazing wide range of the different stories crazy adventures, fairy

  • The Vietnam War: The Anti-War Movement

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    The Vietnam War, which lasted from 1954–1975, is one of the most intriguing examples of foreign policy in American history and is notable for being one of the few wars where the U.S. was not the victor, as well having one of the strongest Anti-War movements the nation has seen (). After 1954, Vietnam, which had previously been a French Colony, was split apart during the negotiation for the Indochina Wars, with the northern Democratic Republic of Vietnam led by the Vietnam Communist Party, and the

  • The Second Revolutionary War: The War Of 1812

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    Second Revolutionary war also known as the War of 1812? The War of 1812 is called the Second Revolutionary War by some scholars. It’s called that because the vast British Empire fought the newly formed United States military in the New England Colonies. The attempts to shut down U.S. trade by the British Navy, America expanding West, and impressment on U.S. sailors by the Royal Navy were all factors that led up to the war. Impressment is removing seamen from U.S. merchant and war vessels and forcing

  • The Cold War: The Impact Of The Cold War

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    Impact of the Cold War Can you imagine a war that lasted nearly 50 years and was the cause for many developments in military and technology, but contained no fighting or battles? That war is the Cold War. The Cold War was a conflict between the world’s two superpowers at the time that was a power struggle between them and resulted in many technological advancements and a major arms race, though it never reached a point of actual armed combat. It began after the end of World War II, in 1945, as a

  • Child Soldiers Forced Into War

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    child soldiers have been forced into war and should be granted amnesty by the United Nations. Dictators have been turning kids into fighters and weapons for the war. Child soldiers are being held responsible for their actions. There is no definite answer on who is responsible, but the children should not be blamed. Children are being forced to fight in war and deserve amnesty. Children are getting pushed into war. Children are turning into killers because of the war. Even though the children killed

  • The Contra War: The Civil War In Nicaragua

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    The Civil War in Nicaragua, more commonly referred to as the Contra War, was a contentious interval of violence provoked by differing ideological perspectives. The Contra War consisted of many parties, although primarily included the Contras, the Sandinistas or FSLN, and the United States Government. The Nicaraguan Revolution, where the Sandinistas came to power, spanned from 1961 to 1979, while the Contra War in which the Contras rebelled against the Sandinistas occurred from 1981 to 1990. The

  • The Vietnam War: Persuasive For The Vietnam War

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    Vietnam War- persuasive essay The grief accompanied with war is one that never really ends. The Vietnam War is a vivid example of this claim. The 20th century gave away thirty years of its time to the war which killed millions of people, thousands of soldiers and devastated many homes in one go. While the interests of a country are invested in the war, there are also the people who suffer at the cost of these interests. Not only did the Vietnamese soldiers and people suffer from the atrocities and

  • Revolutionary War Vs Vietnam War Essay

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    It is quite difficult to compare two wars that happened 180 years apart from each other, the Vietnam war 1955 to 1975, and the American Revolutionary war 1775 to 1783. Yes, both wars are all that different from each other, in fact I would say that they were the two least similar wars in American history. These wars are very similar because they both used guerilla warfare, a form of irregular warfare that uses tactics such as ambushes, sabotage, raids, and mobility to fight a larger less mobile military

  • Punic Wars: An Introduction To The Punic Wars

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    AN INTRODUCTION TO THE PUNIC WARS The Punic Wars, which took place between 264 and 146 BC, was a progression of warfare between Rome and Carthage. Therefore, the name “Punic” derives from the Latin adjective punicus, meaning “wars with Carthage.” These battles, which are divided into a series of three wars, can be regarded as the root of Rome’s transformation from an Italian to a Mediterranean power (Boatwright, Gargola and Talbert 2004: 104). The goal of this essay is to discuss this conflict between

  • The Cold War (Ex: The Korean War

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    The Cold War is an interesting war, because it seems to be caused by a mutual disinterest in actual war. The Soviet Union seems to hope for peace to rebuild itself in the wake of World War ||, and the United States also did not seem to want conflict. It seems like every issue that arose during the Cold War was directly in relation to both sides wanting to avoid war. Yet even as both sides try to deter the other, they are actively preparing in case deterrence doesn’t work. Although nobody denies