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George Gissing (1857 – 1903)

Nationality: British Periods: British: 19th Century

Late-Victorian English writer best remembered for his novels New Grub Street and The Odd Women.

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Criticism about George Gissing

George Meredith, Samuel Butler, George Gissing
This lengthy analysis of the authors’ lives and work includes sections on “Meredith”, “His poems”, “Style in prose and in verse”, “Butler “, “His scientific controversies”, “Erewhon”, “Gissing “, “Gissing�s work transitional”, and “A comparison with Zola.”
Contains: Extensive Bio, Criticism, Bibliography
Author: W. T. Young
From: The Cambridge History of English and American Literature Volume XIII: English, The Victorian Age, Part One, The Nineteenth Century, II
Portraits in Charcoal: George Gissing’s image of woman
Contains: Criticism
Author: James Haydock

Biographical sites about George Gissing

The George Gissing Website
“This site celebrates Gissing’s achievement and publishes material on Gissing’s life and works. It also acts as a clearing-house for information about Gissing studies.”
Contains: Sketch, Works List, Webliography, Bibliography
Author: Peter Morton
Gissing in Cyberspace
Contains: Sketch, Bibliography, Webliography, Works List, Works Available, Pictures
Author: Mitsuharu Matsuoka
The Private Life of Henry Maitland
“Morley Roberts, a minor novelist and man of letters, was born in the same year as Gissing, 1857. He was 55 when he published this thinly-disguised biography of his friend in 1912. Gissing had then been dead for nine years. There are a few definite errors of fact in Roberts� account (the details of the death of Nell Gissing, for instance), but they are trivial and due, probably, to a failure of memory rather than any wish to conceal information. His judgement, several times repeated, that Gissing should never have become a novelist, and that if he had had fifty pounds a year he would have written nothing but would have lived in a cottage and ‘asphyxiated himself with books’ is not likely to find much favour today. However, Roberts knew Gissing intimately, particularly in his early days, and the biography is invaluable as the source of some of the best-known anecdotes about his friend�s attitudes and behaviour.”
Contains: Full Bio
Author: Roberts, Morley
From: London: Nash & Grayson 1923 (2nd edition)

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