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Italian: 20th Century

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Sites about Italian: 20th Century literature:

Luigi Pirandello: The Nobel Prize in Literature 1934
A page from the Nobel Foundation about the Sicilian author, who wrote many books in Italian but was known primarily for his drama and works as a playwrighter.
Contains: Review,
From: The Nobel Foundation
Keywords: Nobel Prize, literature, 1934, Sicilian writer, playwright, biography, essays

Authors in Italian: 20th Century literature:

Massimo Bontempelli (1878 – 1960)Italo Calvino (1923 – 1985)
Patrizia Cavalli (1947 – )Grazia Deledda (1871 – 1936)
Umberto Eco (1932 – )Luigi Pirandello (1867 – 1936)

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