Ask an ipl Librarian

In A Hurry?

Asking the librarians at the ipl is not advised if you need an answer in less than 3 days. ipl Reference is run almost entirely by volunteers. At the present time, we can only check our inbox once a day, and it takes time to transfer the questions to a place where our volunteer librarians can read and answer them. Also, researching questions takes time, even on the Internet! We try to send an answer back to you within a few days, but harder questions may take us a week to answer.

Here are some other places where you may be able to get help if you need a faster response:

Your Local Library, if you have access to one. If you can’t visit it in person, you may be able to e-mail or phone the reference desk to get help without even going to the library.

  • ipl’s Library Locator — Not sure how to contact your local library? Check out these web sites to find your nearest public library. Your local public library may even have a chat or e-mail reference service you could use, and you will often find a phone number.
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